Stalking Reports

Names have been redacted by Garfield County Sheriff’s Department to protect those who have not been charged with a crime.

“Stalking Report”
Garfield County Case Report
Print Date/Time: 10/01/2012 11:29 Garfield County Sheriff’s Office

Case Number: 2011-00020197
Reporting Officer ID: GCSO1984 – Choinkowski
Location: 62 CORRAL DR

Incident Type: Criminal Trespass
Occurred From: 08/25/2011 04:30
Occurred Thru: 08/25/2011 05:00
Disposition: Inactive
Disposition Date: 05/20/2012
Reported Date: 08/25/2011 17:52 Thursday

1 – 90J – 18-4-504(2)(P/O) – Third Degree Criminal Trespass (petty offense) – Counts 1
2 – 90Z – 18-9-111(1)(g) (MIS) – Harassment (repeated communication at inconvenient 1 repeat comm hours) (misdemeanor) – Counts 1
3 – 13C – 18-3-602 – Stalking (felony) – Counts 1

Suspect 1 – 11-20197, Unknown
Suspect 2 – V*, K* – *address redacted* – White/Male – Age 18
Victim 1 – Ingram, Toni, Mrs – 62 Corral Drive – White/Female – Age 56
Victim 2 – Ingram, Morgan, Mrs – 62 Corral Drive – White/Female – Age 20
Victim 3 – Ingram, Steven Anthony – 62 Corral Drive – White/Male – Age 55
Witness 2 – Lemoine, J*
Witness 3 – Lang, W*
Witness 4 – Alstatt, M*
Witness 5 – Harris, J*
Witness 6 – Cook, T*
Witness 7 – Weist, L*

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No. Role Vehicle Type Year Make Model Color License Plate State
Date Code Type Make Model Description Tag No. Item No.

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Initial narrative
Case #11-20197
Date 08/26/11
Deputy G. Choinkowski

On 08/25/11 at approximately 1752 hrs I was notified by dispatch about a follow up phone call.

I called the reporting party Toni Ingram. Mrs. Ingram stated that she had an on going issue with an unknown person coming over to her residence, knocking on her daughter’s bedroom window and throwing rocks at the window. Mrs. Ingram stated that she had already reported this to us (incident #11-18615 on 08/09/11). Mrs. Ingram stated that her daughter is upset about that to the point that she is not sleeping in her bedroom anymore.

Mrs. Ingram stated that last night at approximately 0430 – 0500 hrs she was awake and observed a figure by her front door and running across her porch. Mrs. Ingram however stated that she would not be able to identify this person.

Mrs. Ingram also mentioned an incident that occurred in Carbondale in February 2011 (Carbondale case #11-863). Mrs. Ingram loaned her car to her daughter who took it to Carbondale. The next day Mrs. Ingram observed that someone had keyed her car with a word “Bitch” on it.

Due to other calls and follow ups I was unable to meet with Mrs. Ingram in person. I will follow up with her.

I will perform additional directed patrols in the area.

The case is open.

End of report.

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Supplemental #1
Case #11-20197
Date 08/27/11
Deputy G. Choinkowski

On 08/26/11 I met with Mrs. Ingram, her husband and her daughter Morgan.

Mrs. Ingram repeated the story she told me the day before. Mrs. Ingram also stated that the person she saw the last morning was about six feet tall and weighted about 170-180 pounds.

Morgan stated that she had no idea who the suspect might be. Based on her statement there were no potential suspects among her friends or accomplices.

I canvassed the area and talk to neighbor.

I advised Ingram’s to report any similar incident promptly to increase chances of us catching the suspect. I also advised them that we will increase patrol in the area.

End of report.

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Supplemental #2
Case# 11-20197

Date 08/30/2011
Deputy B. Locklear

On 08/30/2011 at approximately 0105 hrs dispatch advised Deputy Alstatt and I of a possible trespass and harassment. We arrived on scene at approximately 0120hrs at 62 Corral Dr, Carbondale, in the County of Garfield. Deputy Alstatt and I met with Toni Ingram

She stated that she thought she heard what sounded like a rock being thrown at the windows on the north side of the home. She said that her daughter, Morgan Ingram bedroom is located on that side of the home. She said that Morgan sent her text messages saying that she was afraid and she could hear rocks being thrown at her window. Toni said that Morgan came to her bedroom and then they heard some noise at the back of the home. She said she also heard rocks being thrown at the windows on the right side of the home.

Deputy Alstatt and I walked around the home and checked for any damage and a possible suspect. During that time Deputy Sutton showed up on scene to help us. I went back to the front of the home and talked with Toni and she said that she thinks it may be someone in the neighborhood but could not prove it. She said that she thought it was odd that a male party came over to her house and asked to borrow an extension cord. It is unknown when the male party came over to borrow to the extension cord. She also said the male party got agitated a small bit when she told him she did not have one and would have to ask her husband. She said that she asked for his name and number and he gave it to her. I asked her if she would provide the name and number to us. She stated that she could not find the information but she said that she gave the information to Deputy Jaramillo the other day when he came by.

After giving her a business card Deputy Alstatt and I left but then approximately 10 minutes later she called dispatch and said that she had a photo of the suspect that was recorded on a motion sensor camera. The camera is located outside her front door. Deputy Sutton, Deputy Alstatt and I drove back to the home. Toni showed Deputy Sutton, Deputy Alstatt and I the pictures that the

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camera took. We viewed the photographs and saw where the suspect had passed in front of one of the vehicles in the driveway with his back turned to the camera two minutes after we had left the home the first time based on the time stamp located on the bottom left of the photograph.

Toni gave us the pictures on a flash drive. We advised Toni that we would return the flash drive to them as soon as possible.

We left the home and remained in the neighborhood, driving down other streets and searched for any possible suspects.

Item number 1 consists of a Flash drive containing photographs provided by Toni Ingram. I maintained care and custody of item number 1 until I logged it into evidence at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office in locker 11B using proper procedure

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Supplemental #3
C. Janz 258

On 09/01/11, at approximately 0942 hours, I was dispatched to a follow up phone call from 62 Corral Dr; Carbondale, Garfield County, CO. I contacted Toni Ingram at her residence at approximately 0953. Toni made the following statement:

  • That Deputy Choinkowski had responded to the residence in reference to a trespass on 08/25.
  • That Deputies Sutton, Alstatt and Locklear also responded to a similar incident on 08/30/11.
  • That after the sun came up on 08/30, she observed a footprint on the right side of her residence, and that she photographed it.
  • That she attempted to contact Deputy Choinkowski via phone and email, but was unable to reach him.
  • That earlier this morning, shortly before contacting us, she went to the bank, leaving her 20 year-old daughter, Morgan at the residence by herself.
  • That Morgan heard an attempt to open the front door from her nearby bedroom.
  • That Morgan knew it was not Toni because Toni would have simply typed the code into the lock to open it.
  • That she had locked all of the doors to the residence when she left.
  • That she has had similar types of incidents occurring at the residence since approximately the beginning of August, 2011.

I advised Toni that Deputy Choinkowski probably hadn’t responded because he was off duty. I took several photographs of the shoe print. I provided Toni with a business card.
At this time, I left the scene. I notified an on-duty supervisor and on-duty detective. At approximately 1350 hours, I was contacted by Toni via cell phone. Toni stated the

That a neighbor identified the male suspect as being the boyfriend of “B****,”
who lives on the same street.
That Morgan knew B****’s boyfriend to be named “K****.”
That a search of K**** on Facebook found his name to be K****
That the pictures on his Facebook page showed him with brown hair, but that K****’s hair is now blonde.

A search in NWS found a B**** residing at *address redacted*. Morgan verified B**** last name to be ****.

At this time, there is no additional information. This case is active and open. I will be attempting to contact (K)**** and (B)****.

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  • Item 2 consists of a digital memory card containing digital photographs taken by me with a patrol-issued camera. I maintained care and custody of Item 2 and booked it into evidence locker #11B at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office at approximately 1345 hours on 09/01/11.


  • Facebook Pictures – V****

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Supplemental #4
Case #11-20197
Date 09/03/11
Deputy G. Choinkowski

On 09/03/11 at approximately 2139 hrs I was notified by dispatch that someone threw a rock at the window and set off the alarm in the driveway at 62 Corral Drive.

I spoke on the telephone with Mrs. Ingram and she stated that she did not see anyone and that her daughter was not home.

I arrived on scene at approximately 2202 hrs. I canvassed that area on foot.

Deputy Damuth arrived on scene.

The lights were on at (B***’s address). There was a freshly squashed beer can in the
driveway with some fluid still in it.

I rang the doorbell. A female later identified as B**** opened the door after few minutes and few rings. B**** was wearing shorts and sweatshirt. B**** appeared sleepy. She also appeared a little nervous, but it did not appear suspicious due to circumstances.

I explained to B**** why I was there and asked her whether she saw anything
suspicious in the area. B**** replied that she did not see anything suspicious recently. When I asked her to clarify what she meant by recently she explained that she saw some suspicious males some time ago. She did not elaborate further on that.

B**** stated that she was asleep since approximately 2030 hrs. B**** stated that her boyfriend K**** was asleep with her as well. B**** stated that her father was home earlier, before they went to sleep, but he was gone now and it was only her and K**** at the residence.

B**** stated that she knows Morgan Ingram and they used to be friends, but not very close ones. B**** stated that the last time she saw Morgan was in April this year and since then there was no contact between them. B**** said that they did not have any argument, just stopped contacting each other. B**** said that she doubts that K**** knows Morgan.

At some point I heard some what appeared to be a commotion in the residence and I asked her if it was maybe K**** awake and whether I could speak with him. B**** made few steps inside the house, then hesitated and said that she thought that K**** was still asleep.

I gave my business card to B**** and we cleared. After we left a grey Jeep Cherokee with a male adult driver and a child in the backseat pulled into the driveway.

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End of report.
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Supplement Report #5
October 3, 2011
Robert Glassmire
Subject of Narrative: Follow up with the Ingrams.

A few weeks ago, I was advised of this case. It was further requested that I contact the victim family and consider putting up sheriff’s office issued wildlife cameras in an attempt to capture photos of the suspect(s).

On September 25, 2011, I met with the Ingrams at their home located at 62 Corral Dr. Carbondale, CO. We went over the case history. The Ingrams explained to me that the suspect(s) began to harass them in the first part of August 2011. Since then they have had a continuance presence by the suspect(s).

Activity will include small rocks being thrown at the house, scratching of the windows, and a known presence in their yard.

The Ingrams have installed motion sensor lighting and wildlife cameras of their own.

On a regular basis, motion detectors will go off and the lights will turn on. Further
evidence of suspect(s) activity will include shoe prints in a dirt area along the house.
In one instance, outlined in Deputy Locklear’s previously submitted supplemental report, the Ingrams captured a photo of the suspect using one of their wildlife cameras.
Deputy Locklear obtained the photo and submitted it into evidence. The photo depicts a male person but is not clear enough to show identity.

I requested that the Ingrams document every suspicious activity so that a log could be generated. Furthermore, I advised that the documentation would support a subsequent criminal prosecution.

I then took a tour of the home so I could learn the floor plan of the home. I also walked the exterior of the home. I then installed two wildlife cameras on the north side of the home. This area between the Ingram’s and the neighbor’s house is near where a lot of the activity is occurring. It is also the location of Morgan Ingram’s bedroom.

On September 30, 2011, Toni Ingram sent me an email stating that on Wednesday September 28, 2011 and Thursday September 29, 2011, the motion lights went off and nothing was captured on their cameras.

On Friday September 30, 2011, something was scratching on Morgan’s windows. Toni also explained that she had installed an application on their phones so they could document everything they hear or see.

Below is the documentation as provided by Toni Ingram:
Day – Hour:Min – Type – Info
9/29 1 32 MBR Rear Light

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9/29 – 1:33 – MBR Rear – Light
9/29 – 3:31 – MBR Rear – Light
9/29 – 4:07 – MBR Rear – Light
9/29 – 4:39 – MBR Rear – Light
9/29 – 6:15 – MBR Rear – Light
9/29 – 7:56 – Rear Yard – Motion
9/29 – 23:05 – MBR Rear – Light
9/29 – 23:08 – MBR Rear – Light – Light went on twice as I was going to bed no interior light was on Morgan and I went to our rooms at 11 pm but I could not find the app on his phone until after the back light went on 2 times
9/29 – 23:22 – MBR – Rear Light
9/29 – 23:34 – MBR – Rear Light
9/30 – 5:55 – Morgan’s Window – None – Sounded like branch rubbing over windows one window – then the next. She alerted us. Steve checked outside with flashlight – nothing. Lights did not go on
9/30 – 6:18 – Morgan’s Room – Light – It was still dark out and Toni had just left in her car to drive slowly around the roundabout to see if K**** car was in his driveway and it was – lights were on in front room of his house. Toni came home and after coming in house light went on by Morgan’s room
9/30 – Generic Event – When we came home last night at 8:30 pm K*** car was not in the driveway
9/30 – Generic Event – Last night around 7:30 pm (before it got dark) Morgan was home alone sitting on backyard deck heard rustling on side of house by Ken’s walked over the fence and went on the side yard waited and listened for the noise didn’t hear anything and went back in the house

On October 2, 2011, I went to the Ingram’s home and changed the digital flashcards in the wildlife cameras. I viewed the photos on the two digital cameras and noted no captured photos of any suspect(s).

On October 7, 2011, Detective LeMoine and I conducted surveillance on the property from 2300 hours to 0045 hours (October 8, 2011). Detective LeMoine and I walked onto the property and posted in areas where we were concealed. During that one hour and forty-five minutes, we observed nothing similar to the suspicious activity reported by the Ingrams.

At approximately 0045 hours, as we were preparing to leave, Detective LeMoine and I noted that the backyard motion light was turning on and off. This happened two or three times. Detective LeMoine and I observed no suspicious activity.

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At approximately 0227 hours, after we left the residence, I received a text from Toni Ingram telling me that the backyard motion detector light was going on and off. I explained that we had seen it go on and off a few times for no apparent reason.

On October 9, 2011, I received an email from Toni Ingram. Paragraphs one and two are excerpts from Toni’s email regarding additional suspicious activity as it relates to a potential suspect/person of interest, K****:

1. Last night 9:00 pm K**** car was in the driveway. Then last night Steve and I
watched and waiting between 11:00 – 11:30 pm after Morgan came home but we did not hear or see anything, then at around 2:00 am (again 3rd night in a row) our back of the house motion lights went on and off 4 or 5 times but we didn’t see anything and still nothing happened at Morgan’s window. At 5:45 am I was woken up and the lights went off again but nothing else.

2. We slept in this morning, and around 9:45 am we decided we would check to see if K**** car was in his driveway – it wasn’t. Then I remembered last weekend R**** said she saw him drive up around 10:30 am so we decided to wait and see. At about 10:30 am Morgan decided to leave the house – I walked out front with her, she drove out and saw K**** and B**** driving home, (as she was leaving about where the mailboxes are on Equestrian Way). She said they were staring at her so she gave them a big smile back, she said they looked very embarrassed/angry (B**** looked down), Morgan drove off. Minutes later I was inside the house facing our front door window talking to Steve (he had his back to the front door) when I saw a person running past the front  of Steve’s truck (in our driveway), head ducked, white long sleeved shirt on, going towards Rhonda’s house. Then our motion detector (Steve put it between our house and Rhonda’s house last night) went off. Rhonda had been in her garage with her back to the garage door so he must have seen her and ducked between the 2 houses. Steve ran to the back sliding door to look out, but it was too late, he didn’t see anyone. This is now only the 2nd time I have seen someone through that window (first on our front door step at night in a hoody, and now in a long sleeved white shirt in daylight). No one else was out on the block this morning except Rhonda in her garage. Very strange behavior, but then again this person has been to our front garage. Very strange behavior, but then again this person has been to our front door in the daylight at least twice before, so I think he runs so fast he figures no one can catch him.

In addition to responding to Toni’s email, I also called her on the phone and spoke with her about the case. She provided much of the same information she did in her email.
Toni also conveyed to me that the suspect(s) have disrupted the way that they live. On one hand, her daughter, Morgan, seems to be more bothered by trying to catch the suspect(s). Morgan would rather ignore the harassment and continue living her life. On the other hand, Toni and her husband are involved and hopeful that the suspect(s) will be caught.

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I will continue to work with the Ingrams on this case. In addition, The Ingrams have named a potential person of interest. K*** lives nearby and meets the
physical description of the suspect seen in the photo. K*** has also met with Morgan; however, they are not friends and have only seen each other a few times.

I will plan to interview K****at some point during the course of this investigation.

The case remains open and under investigation.



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Supplement Report #6
October 30, 2011
Robert Glassmire
Subject of Narrative: Follow Up.

On October 15, 2011 retrieved the digital flashcards from the wildlife cameras that are deployed at the Ingrams. I also put formatted flashcards into the cameras. I later viewed the photos and noted no of evidentiary concern. There were only images of the Ingrams and me of when I last conducted camera maintenance.

Also on this day, Detective LeMoine accompanied me so that he could familiarize
himself with the Ingrams and the layout of the home. We met with Steve Ingram who showed us a newly installed surveillance system that included several cameras around the house and a monitor with a recording system.

On Tuesday October 18, 2011, I received a missed call from Toni’s cell phone. I was unavailable to talk with Toni. I did follow up with Deputy Lang who was the on duty patrol deputy for that area. In addition to calling me, Toni also called dispatch. Deputy Lang was en route to the residence. I briefed Deputy Lang on the status of the case.

Deputy Lang later told me that he responded. Deputy Lang said that Steve Ingram had showed him where the surveillance system had captured a person driving into the driveway, walking up to the front porch area, and then leaving. Deputy Lang said that he and Steve surmised that it could have been a delivery person who was at the wrong house.

On Sunday October 23, 2011, Detective M. Alstatt and I met with Toni and Steve Ingram in follow up. I replaced the digital flashcards in the sheriff’s office issued cameras.

I later viewed the photos and noted nothing of evidentiary value. I did note additional activity including Deputy Lang conducting foot patrols around the house.

Steve and Toni showed us the video of the person that drove up the driveway. They explained how they initially thought that maybe it was a misplaced delivery driver. The Ingrams said that after thinking about the situation for a little bit they noted a few strange factors. They noted that Morgan, their 20-year-old daughter, was home alone. They also noted that their large dog, according to Morgan, was barking unusually loud and aggressively. In addition, after further examination of the video, the Ingrams believe that the person driving into their driveway is K****. They feel that the body type of the person along with the outline, the look of the headlights, and the grill of the car, appeared to be K**** driving his new car.

The Ingrams provided me with a profile picture of K**** standing in front of a small passenger vehicle. Through internet research, they had identified the vehicle as a 2012 Green Ford Fiesta. They provided me with a printed photo of a similar vehicle, presumably found on a dealer’s website.

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Steve then showed me the video. I observed the events that the Ingrams described. I noted that what they observed and explained is similar to what I observed. The idea that it was K**** who pulled into the driveway is very plausible. However, the picture is not very clear.

The Ingrams also provided me with a flash drive containing data to include the video and software needed to view the video.

Along with the flash drive, the Ingrams provided me with a log that was generated from the surveillance system that showed when the cameras were activated. It also included handwritten notes.

The Ingrams also showed me a video of a person walking on or near Corral drive to the west of the house. The view was from the camera that is mounted near Morgan’s bedroom window. The video shows an image of a person walking across the camera view and about two minutes later running back in the same direction it came. The camera view does not allow the viewer to ascertain if the person is male or female.

The Ingrams also provided me with several photos of K**** that they obtained from the internet. The photos show K**** and can be used later in the case if needed.

On Wednesday October 26, 2011, I received an email from Toni. The email explained of another instance of the suspect in the video. Please read paragraphs one and two of Toni’s email.

1. I know I haven’t been really good about always sending updates, but I wanted to let you all know that last night (Tuesday, 10.25.2011) Morgan sent me a phone text @ 10:57 pm to let me know a rock hit her window. So Steve and I reviewed the camera’s log (it was hard to believe the stalker would be out in the pouring, freezing rain last night) to see if we could see anything around her windows at 10:57 pm, but unfortunately there were too many dark areas on the side where her windows are, so we did not see anything. Then while Steve was reviewing the other camera views before that time, and after that time, we did see where the camera captured a man in our driveway again at 23.59.29 (11:59 pm).

2. This video shows him running across our driveway, towards the garage, (in the direction of Morgan’s side of the house), after looking like he was crouched down behind the car Morgan drives, to an upright position by the time he got in front of Steve’s truck, and then directly to behind the bushes in the front of our house. Interesting that it was Tuesday night again – is there any way someone can find out what his work schedule is in ****? We are driving through the ****
****employee parking lot (behind ****) every day at different times (for the last 2 days so far) to try to see if his car is there, but haven’t seen it yet at the times we’ve driven by.

I replied to Toni that I would be following up with her on Sunday October 30, 2011.
I further explained that if in the meantime or if something else happened, she was free to call dispatch or 911 at any time, day or night.

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Toni replied to me the following day. Please see paragraphs excerpts three through six of Toni’s email sent to me on Thursday October 27, 2011.

3. We will send you a copy of the video from the night before last…in the meantime last night and this morning were equally eventful. At 23.59.29 last night (10.26.2011) Morgan had another rock hit her window while she was in bed with her lights off. We did not catch anything on camera on her window around that time (we never seem to when the rocks come) so I guess he is out of camera range when he throws the rocks.

4. But, for the last 2 days Morgan has had a bad feeling (intuition) about letting her puppy out in our back yard in the pre-dawn hours to go potty so I suggested that she put the puppy on a long lead and stand inside the house, holding on to the lead while the puppy goes potty so in case anything happens she can reel the puppy back in to the house quickly and lock the door. Luckily this morning at 5:45 am(while still pitch dark outside) she did just that and right when the puppy started going potty a person in black appearing to Morgan’s left just between the back of our BBQ and the vertical post – she panicked an pulled her puppy in the house as fast as she could (while the poor thing was still urinating) and locked the back door.

5. The interesting thing about what happened is that this whole time I have one of our motion detector alarms right in that spot on the fence, and just before I went to bed last night I brought it in the house, because it hardly ever goes off, and I decided that I wanted to camouflage it, and replace it somewhere else…was this a coincidence or did he see me remove it last night?

6. Anyway, as would be expected Morgan is very shook up this morning and told me she finally thinks she really is getting depressed. I tried to talk her in to going to see the therapist that I just started going to but she said no. I haven’t started the TRO yet because now Morgan is worried that it might make the stalker even more aggressive. I know that no one has a crystal ball to say for sure what might happen but I do think we still have to follow through and get the TRO.

In a subsequent email sent to me from Toni, she explains how Morgan felt that K**** followed her home on October 27, 2011. Please read paragraphs seven and eight regarding Toni’s email sent to me on October 28, 2011 at 0923 hours.

7. Good morning everyone. Another update…last night Morgan left Carbondale to come home at around 9:55 pm. She came in the door around 10:10 pm very upset, she said when she pulled on to County Road 100 from Main Street in Carbondale she felt like she was being followed again, she slowed down to see if the car would pass her, it didn’t but another car caught up to the one behind her and illuminated the little car that was following her. She immediately thought the outline looked like K****(by himself in the car) and the headlights of the car looked like his. By the time she got to the Aspen Equestrian left turn she slowed and stopped and forced the cars to go past her and she made the definite ID that it was K*** and his little green car.

8. I called dispatch and they had an officer call me. He was very upset when I gave him a run down on what had happened that morning at 5:45 am and just then with the car – he said Morgan should have called 911 both times. I know Morgan is very emotionally distraught and not thinking clearly –she cries when I talk about it and wants to pretend it just isn’t happening, but I did have a very strong talk with her last night and from now on she promises to call 911 from the car if she gets followed again and if she ever sees him again, like yesterday morning. I am really sorry she didn’t call either time – I know it would have made it much easier for you all to catch him.

I replied to Toni letting her know that it is okay to call 911 or dispatch’s non-emergent
line any time day or night. I explained that deputies work around the clock and are
available for calls. I further explained that we could talk more in detail about the case on
Sunday October 30, 2011 when I come to their house.

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On Sunday October 30, 2011, Detective Alstatt and I went to the Ingrams home. We sat down with Morgan, Toni, and Steve Ingram. It was clear that as a family, The Ingrams are all affected in different ways regarding this case. The family has changed their living habits to include surveillance systems, carrying pepper spray, carrying flashlights, and greeting Morgan at the front door when she comes home so she will not be outside alone.

Morgan told Detective Alstatt and me about her experience while driving on CR 100. Morgan stated she was coming home from a friend’s house in Carbondale when she noted a car was behind her. Morgan said she pulled into her subdivision (Aspen Equestrian Estates) and from her rearview mirror, she saw a small green sedan, similar to that of the car that is owned and operated by K****. Morgan also said that she saw that a single male occupant that met the physical stature of K**** occupied the car.

Morgan explained to Detective Alstatt and me, as she had mentioned before, that she had met K**** once or twice before through a mutual friend, B**** who happens to live three houses down from Morgan. K**** had been living with B**** up until a few weeks ago. Apparently, K**** and B**** separated. Morgan clarified that her friendship with B**** was limited to a few friendly get togethers with other friends, but that they are not very close. Morgan said that she was never friends with K****, that she never invited him to be with her, and that there is no reason why he should have the feeling that he is allowed to do this to her. Morgan truly believes that the suspect is K**** and that he was following her the other night.

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In the last few weeks, there has been a significant change in the Ingrams attitude towards the stalker. Toni and Steve have always indicated their desire to apprehend and prosecute the suspect. Morgan on the other hand, has been in the mindset that if she ignores it will go away and she can continue her life. This mindset has recently changed and through Toni, I learned that Morgan is prepared to be more proactive concerning this case. Morgan has always been cooperative and helpful in the investigation. She is just less than thrilled to be putting her life on hold because somebody is repeatedly scaring, following, harassing her.

With this significant change in Morgan’s mindset, I approached the idea                                (information redacted by Garfield County). Morgan seemed willing to participate in                          . We tentatively scheduled a                      to take place on Sunday November 6, 2011. I also asked that Morgan complete a written statement on the events that happened in the last few days. I also mentioned that a statement would likely be needed in all instances. (author’s note: blog posts by Toni on both Oct 30th and Nov 6th accuse the Detectives of being incompetent and forgetting batteries for their technological devices. This is interesting as Oct 30 was the date of this report and Nov 6 was the tentative date of whatever they had planned that was redacted in this paragraph.)

I then spoke with Morgan, Toni, and Steve about calling non-emergent dispatch or 911 during or immediately after every incident takes place. Whether it is a following incident, an incident of someone tapping on glass, or somebody running through the yard.

The Ingrams then explained to me that they have been thinking about possible egress routes of the suspect. The Ingrams theorized that it is possible that the suspect is not far from the house when law enforcement does respond because he seems to come back. In one instance, documented in another supplemental report, as soon as the deputies leave the suspect is caught on surveillance. The Ingrams mentioned that two houses to the north, the house is vacant and is being foreclosed on. The Ingrams wondered if the suspect might be hiding out in the house.

Detective Alstatt and I ultimately checked on the house and noted that the back sliding glass door was unlocked. Furthermore, the house had signs posted that it was bank owned and that it was winterized. Detective Alstatt and I cleared the home and noted that nobody was inside. Deputy Alstatt and I had no way of locking the sliding glass door without unlocking the front door’s deadbolt, thus locking the back door and unlocking the front door. Furthermore, the house had no power so we couldn’t lock all doors and leave through the garage door as it closed behind us. We could not find any contact information for the house and ultimately we left leaving the back sliding glass door unsecured.

This unsecured house two doors down is a possible egress/hiding spot for the suspect. Other egresses from the house include several surrounding areas where the suspect could potentially walk to a park car further away. The Ingram’s home is also near the Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA) bus line that runs on HWY 82.

After our follow up with the Ingrams was completed, we drove around known areas where we suspected K**** could be parking his car. The Ingrams in the past have told me that they believe K**** is working at the **** and at the *** in

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**** We also had a few addresses that were linked to K**** global jacket in ****.

Initially I had planned to find and interview K**** With the possibility
occurring in this case, I believe it would be prudent to hold off on an interview with K****

Later on October 30, 2011, while at the sheriff’s office, I received a phone message from Toni Ingram. Toni advised that she had heard of an instance, where K****was claiming to have a 20-year-old girlfriend in Carbondale, CO named Morgan. Toni did not have a lot of details regarding this information. I will be following up on this in the future.

In reviewing this case, I noted that the charges associated to this case include trespassingand harassment. In review, the facts of this case warrant that C.R.S. 18-3-602 Stalking,be associated to this case as well. In addition, to the listed victims, Toni Ingram and Morgan Ingram, I added Steve Ingram as a victim to this case.
In addition, I have provided the Ingrams with a Victims Response Team pamphlet. I will also be notifying a victim’s specialist and requesting that they contact the Ingrams.
The case is active and open.

Photos provided to me by the Ingrams
Log for the surveillance video (Item 3)

Item 3 – Digital flash drive containing video surveillance of suspect taken from
homeowners personal surveillance equipment. The homeowner/victim, Steve Ingram, transferred the files onto a flash drive and handed me the flash drive on October 23, 2011. I subsequently placed the flash drive into evidence on October 15, 2011, at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office – Rifle Annex. Prior to placing the flash drive into evidence, I made a copy to DVD so that I could maintain a working copy for use in this investigation.

Item 4 – Digital flash drive containing video surveillance of suspect taken from
homeowners personal surveillance equipment. The homeowner/victim, Steve Ingram, transferred the files onto a flash drive and handed me the flash drive on October 30, 2011.

I subsequently placed the flash drive into evidence on October 31, 2011, at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office – Rifle Annex. Prior to placing the flash drive into evidence, I made a copy to DVD so that I could maintain a working copy for use in this investigation.

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Supplement Report #7
November 7, 2011
Robert Glassmire
Subject of Narrative: Additional Follow up with the Ingrams.

In this case, it has been common for Toni Ingram, the Ingrams primary contact for this stalking case, to email me updates. On November 1, 2011, I received an email from Toni. Please see below to see the content of the email:

”Dear Rob,
Since we last spoke on Sunday it has been relatively quiet around here except last night (10.31.2011) Morgan went to a Halloween Party in Carbondale, and came home with abfriend at 12:35 pm (she did not think she was followed). Then at exactly 2:01 am this morning she heard a loud rock thrown against her window. We checked the tapes, but couldn’t see anything at that time, since the cameras do not capture things unless the person was to stand really close to her window.

Sorry that we didn’t call dispatch, but we were so exhausted, and had to work this morning. I know you wrote down the other most recent rocks against her window, but here they are again just in case you need it on paper…I looked them up in my phone again as she always sends me a text to capture the date and time of the rocks against the window.

10.28.2011 Rock at 10:27 pm
10.26.2011 Rock at 10:19 pm
10.25.2011 Rock at 10:57 pm

Morgan was out of town the 21st – 23rd
10.18.2011 Heard noises outside her window @ 11:14 pm – this is the Tuesday night that one of your officers came to our house because we caught the person on camera in our driveway, when Morgan was home alone. Your officer had left just before 11:14 (we saw him leave on the camera) and then Morgan heard the noises outside her window.”

On November 2, 2011, Toni Ingram called me. Toni explained that since the last few Tuesdays there seems to be some activity concerning the stalker. Therefore, Toni said that Steve followed Morgan home on, Tuesday November 1, 2011, to see if the stalker was following her or in the area. Toni also mentioned that it was snowing. Toni said that they put an audible motion detector on their neighbor’s non-working car that sits in their neighbor’s driveway. Upon sensing movement, the motion detector audibly alerts them in their home. Toni said that they heard the audible alarm twice in the early morning hours of November 2, 2011. Toni said it was at 0220 hours and 0440 hours. Toni said that this morning they looked for footprints and observed several shoe

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prints in the area. Toni stated that they are expecting full sun but thought they might be of interest. Toni did say that the snow was melting and that she was on her way home.

Toni inferred that she did not call law enforcement because it was the motion detector and that it was possible that an animal set off the detector.

I contacted Deputy Hoover and requested that he responded. Deputy Hoover responded and met with Toni. Deputy Hoover later told me that he observed a vague path in the melting snow where it was clear somebody had walked. Deputy Hoover said there were no prints with any detail.

Deputy Hoover also told me that the Ingrams were able to catch a person walking around in their yard during the past night using their video surveillance system.

On November 3, 2011, Toni sent me an email. Please see the below paragraphs in reference to Toni’s email: “Dear Rob, Thank you for sending the patrol officer out yesterday to see the footprints in the snowaround our house with the obvious path the person took – they were pretty melted by then, but he could still see most of them and the path that was taken was very obvious. Steve took photos of them earlier in the day before the office came as well for you.

The great thing about the footsteps is that we could see on camera exactly where they were so when we reviewed the footage from the night before (we hadn’t looked because it was a snowstorm that night, and did not think anyone in their right mind would be hanging around outside our house in the middle of the night) we actually caught video of the person on 2 or 3 different cameras. Steve will post them tonight for you on drop box, and then put them on a jump drive. The person was dressed for the snow with a very distinctive knit cap with stripes, big jacket and snow boots. Left hand looking like it is in his pocket again, right arm swinging as he walked around our house, looking towards the windows.

Last night Morgan did not hear any rocks or anything on her windows and we haven’t seen anything on the cameras except a small car backing down the street in the middle of the night, past Morgan’s window towards B**** house. We will spend more time tonight reviewing last night’s camera video.

This morning Morgan was woken up by a text message from a phone number she does not know – immediately she thought it had to be the stalker since it said: Great pic of you in the morning. You will just never be a morning person like your Dad.

Morgan had changed her Facebook profile picture to a sleeping looking face of her resting on her bed. Morgan said since she used to be friends with B**** a long time ago B**** has her cell # from way back when, and K*** might have gotten it from

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B****. Can you please look up the phone ? This is the cell # that the message came from. Morgan responded “Who is this?” She has not received an answer. Steve was up really early this morning – I think between 3 – 5:00 am and let Tessi out to go potty – the message might have been to let her know he saw????”

Upon reviewing the email I researched the phone number  Using the sheriff’s in house reporting system, New World Systems, I was able to cross-reference the phone number to John F**** I further learned that John’s daughter is Facebook friends with Morgan Ingram.Also on Thursday November 3rd I received another email from Toni. This email explains that the Ingrams are exhausted and it goes to show the emotional toll this case is having on the Ingrams as a whole. Please see the paragraphs below for the content of the email.

“Rob – thanks so much for all your follow-through…I just know it will all pay off one of these days, and it will be over. We are so very exhausted but we will all keep strong like you suggested as that is the only thing we can do – protecting Morgan is our #1 focus. I told Morgan if she gets anymore text messages to not respond to them and she agreed. I really hope you can get the phone company to give you the records for that number. I will keep in touch – it really helps me emotionally to let you know what’s happening, I just don’t want to cut in to your time off with your family so thanks so much for being understanding.”

I also received an email from Toni on Friday November 4, 2011. The email read:

“Rob – last night was bad. I stayed awake until 11:00 pm watching the cameras because Steve is so run down he has become sick and can’t seem to shake his cough, etc. Morgan stayed awake with her bedroom light on until after I stopped watching the cameras at 11:00 pm and then after she turned off her light and went to sleep she told me this morning that the stalker was throwing rocks off and on all night long. She was so exhausted that she could only make her morning class at CMC and then came home to sleep, missing her next class.

When reviewing the camera by Morgan’s windows they sensed movement at 2:22 pm – I saw the motion light go on – looked like two small things flew through the air directly at
her window and then at 2:23.07 an upright white outline of a person sped across the camera’s vision going past Morgan’s side of the house towards our driveway.

I will still keep reviewing the tapes, but unfortunately the evening viewing, before 1:00 am this morning didn’t show as the cameras were set incorrectly so all I got was from 1:00 am – on. Also, it takes so long to review the tapes and I am trying so hard to get caught up at work, but I will still keep trying.

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We are staying strong, but we are so exhausted we are all having such a hard time doing our jobs at work.

Starting tonight Steve and I have decided to take turns sleeping, so one
of us will be up watching the cameras, hoping if we see the stalker during real time on camera instead of the next morning then we can call Dispatch and have someone come over right away. Anyway, that’s our new plan.

Also, Morgan told me yesterday that twice now, when she was coming down the hill (at Thunder Mountain in Glenwood from CMC) she saw K**** pulling out directly across Hwy 82, turning left towards Glenwood as she was waiting at the light to turn left to go home to Carbondale. She gets out of school at the same time every day so is this a coincidence or does he live over there or just visiting friends???”

I also received an email from Toni on Saturday November 5, 2011. The email read:

“Rob – this morning we had 2 Patrol officers out at the house again. Morgan sent me a text at 10:26 pm that she had a rock thrown at her window again but I didn’t get until around 1:00 am so I did call Dispatch. Then again at 5:16 am she had another rock hit her window (she may have slept through rocks in-between as she was so exhausted.

I received that text message at around 5:45 am and starting checking the cameras, called Dispatch (unfortunately it was during a shift change and the closest officers were in Rifle).

I also text messaged our neighbor Elliott across the street to look out his upstairs window towards out house at 6:22 am – he looked but did not see anything and then spoke with his wife Laura who told him that Christine (B**** mom) had just told her K*** left on a hunting trip on Tuesday the 1st. He said he can’t confirm how reliable the info is as it came from B**** to her mom Christine and then to Laura but Christine said he was hunting with his grandpa.

I thought this must be another interesting thing coming from Christine (as a cover up) like when K**** moved out of our neighbor and Christine told Laura that she heard we caught Morgan’s stalker or before that when the Sheriff’s went to B**** house when K**** was living there but J* (B**** father was out of town) and she wouldn’t or couldn’t bring K**** to the door the next day Christine called Elliott and Laura to say B**** said Morgan had gone missing (not true either).

We haven’t checked all the camera footage from last night but the motion  detectors went off an extreme amount of times. One of the Patrol Officers this morning said they found an obvious well used trail that hunters seem to use between our subdivision and Ranch of the Roaring Fork subdivision where someone could leave a car undetected on the Ranch of the Roaring Fork side but they did not find a car. He also said they saw the little green car K**** drives the other day leaving the same place (across from Thunder River) but a woman in her 40’s was driving it. Yesterday an older silver SUV drove in to our subdivision (with extremely blacked out front side windows, like K**** used to have in his small silver car that he had before his new green car), and as I passed it I stared through the driver’s window (as I had never seen this car before) – the driver was young (maybe early 20’s) dark hair with a baseball cap on and looked like he was talking on the

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phone with an ear bud in his left ear with a wire hanging down. Next time I see a suspicious vehicle I will write down the license plate…sorry.

Just wanted to update you, I am hoping someday maybe something will help you catch this person – we will see you tomorrow @ 11:00. Thanks so much!”

On Sunday November 6, 2011, Detective Alstatt and I met with the Ingrams at their home. Our original intent was to have Morgan pretext call K****. In two attempts to get a hold of K****, they both went to voicemail.

We also talked to Morgan about an apparent Facebook conversation that her friend, Danny (unknown further), had with K****. The Facebook conversation
apparently was very abusive and both Danny and K**** were using foul language towards each other.

I did notice that I am able to view K*** Facebook profile and wall posts on the
internet. I observed that K**** wrote a post that read as follows: “People are retards that need to grow up and get their stories straight before accusing the wrong people of stuff they didn’t do.”

The Ingrams told me that they would try to have Danny print the entire facebook
conversation. The facebook conversation apparently started as a way for Danny to help and protect Morgan.

I also did wildlife camera maintenance. I did not observe any images of the stalker in the wildlife cameras.

Morgan and I then discussed whether she knew John F****. Morgan stated she knew a
Kaylee. Based on my observations from facebook it was determined that John was likely Kaylee’s father.

Morgan called the phone number that texted her several days ago under the pretext that she was trying to figure out who called her. Morgan told the male person who answered the phone that she was trying to figure out who texted a few days ago. The male party identified himself as John and said that Kaylee texted him and he replied. It was surmised that he replied to all rather than just replying to Kaylee. Morgan confirmed that she had received a texted picture of Kaylee, from Kaylee in her Zombie costume for Halloween.

Since both Kaylee’s dad, John, and Morgan were in the “sent to” list it makes sense that Morgan would have been included in the text that J**** replied all too.

The call was recorded; however, it was not retained since the issue of who the text came from was clearly not associated to this stalking case.

The Ingrams and I talked about K**** and earlier information that he had gone on a hunting trip in Texas and that he had left on November 1. If this is true then K**** could obviously not have been caught on the surveillance cameras on November 2.

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The Ingrams provided me with a log for the surveillance video taken in the evening hours of November 1.

The Ingrams also provided me with a map of the area to include where
they observed the shoe prints in the snow on the morning of November 2, 2011. Theshoe prints go around their house. The prints also lead to B**** house three doors down.

Morgan also provided to me three signed statements concerning three earlier reported incidents. One included seeing a green car like K**** behind her. The other was about seeing a figure standing out her window all in black, and the third was in reference to the once thought suspicious text that was determined to be unrelated and not specific to this case. All three statements have been attached to this case.

Steve Ingram had initially provided me with a flash drive containing the most recent surveillance footage from November 1, 2011. However, there has been an error with me being able to view some of the files in this instance and in other filed, that Steve has provided to me. Steve said he would troubleshoot the issue and in the future, he hopes to provide me with working copies.

Detective Alstatt and I then left the Ingrams. While returning to the office we observed a green Ford Fiesta that matched the description of the vehicle that K**** drives. I noted Colorado license plate, ***** This vehicle lists to C**** W*** LLC with a driver of M**** in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Also, an off duty deputy contacted me and told me of another green car that he observed matching the description of K**** vehicle bearing Colorado license plate, **** This vehicle listed to the H***** in Gypsum, CO.

It has been reported by the Ingrams that K**** car has had increased visibility in their area.

I feel that it is important to document reported sightings of K**** car or similar
cars. Having this information could prove valuable if I ever have to contact the owners of the similar looking cars to prove or disapprove that they were in the area.

Currently the case is open and under investigation. Ongoing follow up is scheduled with
the Ingrams.                                                               (redacted by GarCo)

Surveillance camera log (1)
Map for shoe prints (1)
3 witness statements (3)


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Supplemental #8
November 15, 2011
Matthew Graham

On November 15, 2011 at approximately 04:54 hours I was dispatched to 62 Corral Drive, near the City of Carbondale, in the County of Garfield, State of Colorado for a suspicious person.

The RP was Toni Ingram. She told dispatch that the stalker was throwing rocks at her daughter’s window. I responded to the area with Deputy Kuhl.

I first checked the Ranch of the Roaring Fork then proceeded to Catherine’s Store, Parking area and the equestrian barns next to the Aspen Equestrian Estates. I did not see any one walking through the area and there was no sign of the vehicle indicated as the suspect vehicle.

Deputy Kuhl met me in the area of Corral Drive. We both walked around the area.
Neither of us saw anyone. Two houses to the north of 62 Corral Drive was a vacant house with an open door. Deputy Kuhl and I searched the house but it was empty.

We contacted Toni Ingram at 62 Corral Drive. She told us that at approximately
04:46 hours her daughter sent her a text message indicating that something was being thrown at her window. Toni said that she believed that the stalker was using an Air Soft rifle to disturb her daughter as she slept.

Deputy Kuhl checked around the house but could not find any Air Soft pellets. I told Toni that we would notify Detective Glassmire about the disturbance. We cleared the scene at approximately 05:58 hours.

At approximately 06:09 hours Toni called dispatch again. She said that the stalker had returned and was hitting her daughter’s window again. I responded with Deputy Jenness and Deputy Kuhl.

Deputy Jenness approached from the Ranch at Roaring Fork, approached from the stables and Deputy Kuhl from Corral Drive.

Deputy Kuhl advised me that there was a vacant house with an open door at the
eastern corner of Corral. We searched the house but did not find anyone inside.

All three of us searched the neighborhood looking for some sign of the suspicious person without success. We cleared the scene around 07:30 hours.

On November 16, 2011 at approximately 04:24 hours Deputy Kuhl and I were
dispatched to the same address for a suspicious. I arrived at Catherine’s Store and walked parallel to Hwy 82 until I reached the knoll adjacent to Corral Drive. I stood on the knoll and observed the area while Deputy Kuhl searched.

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Deputy Kuhl advised me that he was going to clear the scene and standby a couple of blocks away. He instructed me to stay in place and see if the suspicious person returned.

At approximately 06:30 hours there were no further incidents and we cleared the scene.

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Supplement Report #9
2011-20197November 15, 2011

Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Follow up with the Ingrams

On Sunday November 13, 2011, Detective Alstatt and I went to the Ingrams to follow up with them about the case.

Morgan did attempt to
(author’s note: Toni’s blog entry for Nov 13 talks about Morgan attempting “pretext calls”, in which she attempts to place a call on a phone attached to “something” in a Detective’s briefcase.)

I then spoke with Toni Ingram who provided me with a 14 page detailed timeline of the events that led to this investigation. In this detailed timeline, one entry described that Toni and Steve saw some people walking in the neighborhood. They talked to the girls and it turned out to be B**** H**** and some of her friends. B**** tells the Ingrams that she knew her boyfriend was a suspect, but now there is evidence that shows that it is not him.

Toni talked to me about this entry and found it very strange. Toni relayed to me that the video on November 1, 2011, seemed staged since the person seems to walk right through there yard in front of the cameras. This is not normal for the suspect since he has rarely been caught on camera. Toni thought it was odd that B**** inferred that since K**** was in Texas on November 1, 2011, it could not have been him on the video. Toni wondered how B**** even knew there was video.

Toni and Morgan then provided me with five pages of a chat between Danny R**** and K**** V****. The messaging apparently occurred over several days and during the course of the messaging, Danny R**** changed his name to Ray Finkle.

The aforementioned conversation does include threats and statements from both parties talking about how they are going to fight each other. The conversation is attached. (due to privacy concerns, Truth for Morgan is unable to acquire and post the conversation)

Steve also provided me with a flash drive containing video from past events. In the last supplemental I noted that I was having trouble viewing the video. Steve provided the availability on this flash drive to view the video with the Samsung video viewer that the video was recorded on. This allowed me to view all of the videos. I subsequently submitted the flash drive into evidence. Steve also provided me with a lot that corresponded with the video.

During the course of this investigation, I have considered the idea that the noise on the window that Morgan is reporting could be something other than human caused. To this

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date, there is no evidence that it is not human related. Furthermore, while minimal, there is evidence that suggests that an unknown person is and has been around the house acting in a suspicious manner.

After leaving the Ingrams residence, Detective Alstatt and I went to the City Market in El Jebel/Basalt, Eagle County, Colorado. We met with the assistant store manager and gave her a very brief understanding as to why we were at the store. We learned that K**** had worked earlier that day and that he was not at the store. The assistant store manager told us that she would be unable to provide us with specific information regarding K****. Furthermore, she referred us to the store manager, Trent C (unknown further), as a primary City Market representative who I should contact reference this case.

I have since left a message for Trent and I have not heard back from him.

At the time of leaving City Market, the case investigation concluded for that day. On Monday November 14, 2011, I consulted with Detective Gronbeck of the Glenwood Springs Police Department. Detective Gronbeck looked at the video surveillance and determined that the video could not be enhanced to create a clearer picture of the suspect.

At this time, the case is active. Additional tasks and supplemental reports will follow.

The case is open and under investigation.

Detailed timeline (14 pages) message (5)
Video log (1)

Digital flash drive – Item consists of videos and data provided to me by the Ingrams on
November 13, 2011. I subsequently placed the item into evidence at the Garfield County
Sheriff’s Office Annex, locker 22, at approximately 1707 hours.

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Supplement Report #10
November 20, 2011
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Suspect Interview, K**** V****

On November 16, 2011, I overheard dispatch notifying the zone one deputies to contact W**** V**** reference his son being a suspect in a case. The dispatcher advised that W**** wanted to know if there was a case open against his son. I noted that K****, W****’s son, is a suspect in this case.

I contacted W**** who was at the sheriff’s office when he made the call to dispatch. I offered to W**** that I could meet him and K**** at around 1600 hours that day. W**** told me that he had heard from his son that K**** was being accused of stalking a girl. Furthermore, W**** said that there was somebody on threatening him.

W**** also said that he heard that there were some deputies at City Market, El Jebel, looking for K****.

I met with K**** and W**** at the sheriff’s office at approximately 1600 hours.

Detective Alstatt and I first interviewed K**** in the interview room at the sheriff’s office.

I recorded the interview on to DVD and on to an audio disc. The DVD recording did not record audio so as a secondary option to record audio I used a digital audio recorder. The below narrative is a paraphrase of the interview; the recordings should be viewed and listened to for a complete understanding of the interview.

I spoke with K**** briefly about where he works and what he does. K**** said he is the assistant manager for the general merchandise department of the El Jebel City Market. K**** said that generally he works from 0200 hours to 1000 hours.

K**** also mentioned he hunts and that he was hunting in Texas a short while ago. I also obtained from K**** some basic information such as his name, date of birth, address, and telephone number.

I asked K**** if he could tell us why he was being interviewed. K**** said that he lived with a girlfriend that lived in the area of Catherine Store. K**** said that nothing happened for a while and then he started seeing sheriff’s cars in the area. K**** said that one time a sheriff’s car pulled him over and asked him a bunch of questions.

K**** then said that a guy named Danny R**** started messaging him on Danny messaged to K**** that he knew that he was stalking and that he was the one who was bugging the Ingrams. K**** said that D**** also threatened to kill him on K**** said that D**** said that the cops were happy with what he (Danny) did by showing him the facebook message.

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K**** then said that he had heard that something had happened a few Tuesdays ago K**** said that he was in Texas at that time. We asked K**** how he had heard what happened. K**** said that his ex girlfriend’s mom had heard that a person was around the neighborhood asking around about what occurred on Tuesday.

K**** also said that D****, in the message, said that the surveillance cameras had captured K****’s car on the cameras driving by the residence. K**** said that since he had broken up with his girlfriend, B**** H****, he has not been by that house since then.

K**** said he could understand why someone might think that he is the stalker because while he was driving by the Ingrams around midnight every night. When asked why he would drive by the Ingrams it was because of his hours at City Market.

K**** mentioned that there were cameras at the Ingrams house and he had heard this from “everyone.” When asked to clarify “everyone” K**** said that it was B****’s mom and dad that would give him all of his information.

K**** mentioned Morgan’s name for the first time referring to the girl that lives at the Ingrams. K**** made it sound like he was unsure about the name of Morgan. K**** also mentioned that a younger kid named W**** lives in the neighborhood. K**** thought W**** moved in about the same time and that he wasn’t sure if he could be doing the stalking. K**** inferred that when W**** moved in all of the stuff started happening.

Detective Alstatt asked K**** to clarify everything that he heard was going on. K**** stated that he heard mostly everything from Christina. K**** said that he moved in to B****’s house about eight months ago. K**** thought it might have been in June 2011 that he moved in with Christina.

K**** then stated he heard that a couple of sheriff’s deputies showed up at his work. K****’s dad, W****, also works at City Market. W**** had heard through rumor that deputies were at K****’s work to see him.

I asked K**** about Morgan and he said that he has never met her or talked to her before. K**** also said that he had never been to Morgan’s house. K**** said that he would sometimes be in B****’s backyard, but never to the house or yard of Morgan.

After approximately 20 minutes into the interview, Detective Alstatt and I left the interview room. We returned a short time later and continued to interview K****. I spoke with K**** about why he thinks somebody would accuse him of this. K**** said he wasn’t sure. K**** thought that maybe B**** did it but that did not make much sense to him.

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I spoke with K**** about what his work schedule was like in the last few days. K**** said that on Friday he worked from 0830 to 1700. Then the rest of the week, he worked early. K**** told me that he got back from Texas on Tuesday and that he would work from 0200 to 1000 hours. K**** confirmed that he worked Sunday November 13.

K**** also gave us his schedule for November 13 through November 19, 2011. It showed that he worked Sunday November 12, and Tuesday November 15, 2011.

K**** said that if we really did have a footprint like B****’s mom said, then he would be willing to submit a sample of his shoe impression to camera. K**** said that it would not match. K**** also said that if we do have surveillance of him on camera then he would like to know.

I then told K**** that there was a video and on the video, there was a person that looked just like him. K**** wanted to know when and if he was carrying something up.

K**** said it wasn’t him. K**** said that W**** looks like him and is the same height.

K**** then spoke with Detective Alstatt a little about W****. K**** said that W**** lives real close to B****. K**** said that W**** seems to always be in and out of the house. K**** said that they had seen W**** talking to the cops for quite a while.

I knew that W**** and his family had been the subject of some type of domestic violence incident and that this contact is probably what K**** is referring too.

K**** then said that there was no way that it is him walking up on Morgan’s driveway.

K**** initially stated “unless” but then reverted that it definitely was not him. K**** said that B****’s dad had told him about the cameras. K**** also mentioned that he would be willing to take a polygraph test.

I spoke with K**** about signing consent to search form for his work schedules so that I could obtain copies of the work schedules from City Market. K**** agreed and signed consent to search form. I intend to present this form to the City Market store manager in hopes that they will provide us with the records. I am attempting to get a hold of the City Market (El Jebel) store manager.

I then spoke with K**** and told him that I had sent the video of the person, who looks like K****, to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations lab for analysis. I told K**** that I was concerned that when the analysis was done it would be clear that it was him on the video. K**** said that he has never walked up Morgan’s driveway.

It should be noted that in an earlier supplemental I wrote how I took the video to Detective Gronbeck of the Glenwood Springs Police Department. Detective Gronbeck has the training, experience, and equipment to view videos and attempt to make the picture clearer. I have not sent anything to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations for this case.

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I then started to wrap up the interview with K****. K**** said that he wanted to see the video and that he wanted to know who was walking up the driveway at Morgan’s house.

Detective Alstatt and I then left the interview room. I went and met with W**** and spoke with him for a few minutes. W**** told me that he doesn’t know too much. That he had heard from a coworker that there were some detectives at the store looking for K****. W**** said that he is the produce manager at the El Jebel City Market.

W**** advised that he also lives with K**** at **** in Glenwood Springs, CO.

I then took W**** down to the interview room with K****. We spoke briefly about the case and K****’s involvement. W**** supported that his son could not have been the stalker, especially when they were in Texas. Furthermore, I told K**** that was named as a person who lived nearby that would have opportunity to the area.

K**** brought up that B**** had told him that The Ingrams had seen someone looking through a window. W**** asked K**** how B**** knows everything. K**** said that B****’s mom is the neighborhood gossip.

K**** then told me about his schedule as it integrated with his Texas trip. I learned that K**** worked November 1, from 0000 hours to 0730 hours. K**** then got off work and went to Texas. K**** said that before he went to work on Halloween he was sleeping.

They then said that they returned from Texas on the evening of November 7. W**** and K**** also talked about a hunting trip to Wyoming where they left September 12 and returned September 15.

I also talked with W**** and K**** about Danny R****. I know Danny to be a friend of Morgan’s. I also know that he had messaged K**** and he was very explicit in his conversation. I told W**** and K**** that I would try to contact Danny and interview him.

W**** and K**** left the interview room and then the sheriff’s office. The interview ended.

Later that evening I spoke with The Ingrams and updated them on the case status and progress.

The case is active and additional tasks and supplemental reports are pending.

Consent to search form (1)
Schedule (1)

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Item 6 – Item consists of an audio disc containing an interview with K**** V**** and W**** V****. I collected this item on November 16, 2011 where it remained in my possession. On November 20, 2011, I submitted the item to the sheriff’s office annex evidence locker 9.
Item 7 – Item consists of a DVD disc containing an interview with K**** V**** and W**** V****. I collected this item on November 16, 2011 where it remained in my possession. On November 20, 2011, I submitted the item to the sheriff’s office annex
evidence locker 9.

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Supplement Report #11

November 27, 2011
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Witness Interview: B**** H****

On November 27, 2011, at approximately 1415 hours, Detective Alstatt and I went to the home of B**** H****, *** Corral Dr. Carbondale, CO. Upon knocking on the door, a male person, identified as J**** H**** answered the door. J**** identified himself as B****’s father. We spoke with J**** for a brief moment about the events occurring in the neighborhood as it relates to the stalking investigation.

J**** said that he had heard from neighbors what was going on. J**** also said that he had seen some sheriff’s deputies walking around in the neighborhood. J**** also said that he contacted the deputies and one of the deputies gave a synopsis of the case.

J**** said that one of the deputies told him that K**** was a person of interest. J**** said that he felt that K**** was a good kid and had been responsible when he was living at his house with B****. J**** did not have a strong opinion on whether K**** could do something like stalking.

J**** did mention that during K****’s relationship with B****, he was a little possessive of her. This is why B**** apparently ended the relationship. We then asked to speak to B**** and he went and got her out of the house.

Detective Alstatt and I then spoke with B**** H**** J**** remained
on scene with us for most of the conversation; however, he did step back inside the house for a few minutes. B**** said that she didn’t know too much, about what was going on.

B**** said that she knew K**** had been named as a suspect and that he hadn’t done anything. B**** said that she had also heard there was cameras all over the neighborhood and that they had caught somebody on tape.

B**** explained that she heard most of her information from her mother who lives two doors down at *** Corral Dr. B****’s mother is mutual friends with a Corral Dr. family that is also friends with the Ingrams.

I asked B**** about a reported post where she posted something to the effect that her ex-boyfriend constantly texts and contacts her. I asked if this was K**** and she said it was a different ex-boyfriend. Contrary to what her dad told us, B**** said that her relationship with K**** was fine. B**** even said that she was starting to talk with K**** more often.

B**** described her relationship with Morgan Ingram as acquaintances. B**** said that for a while, she had been staying with a family in Carbondale and Morgan was

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friends with the family as well. B**** said that she saw Morgan a lot but never really knew her well.

J**** then mentioned that he had seen Morgan and Nathan (unknown further on Nathan) at the clubhouse. B**** seemed to take interest to this so I asked her if she knew Nathan.

B**** mentioned that she did and that she considered herself pretty good friends with Nathan.

J**** had also mentioned during our interview with B**** that he had heard that when the initial stalking investigation began; Morgan made a statement to responding deputies that her parents were overreacting. I noted that Detective Alstatt is going to formally interview Morgan on Tuesday December 6, 2011. During the interview will be a good time to explore the hearsay statement from J****.

Overall, B**** did not provide much additional information. During the interview, based on training and experience, I noted that it seemed as if B**** was withholding information about our investigation. It seemed as if B**** had additional information that she was not willing to tell us. I will monitor new information as it becomes available during the investigation and will likely interview B**** again at a later time.

The aforementioned interview was recorded with an audio recorder. The above narrative is a paraphrase of the interview. Please refer to the recorded audio interview for a full understanding of the interview.

The case is active and ongoing.

Item 8 – This item was collected by me using an Olympus Audio recorder. The
recording consists of an interview with B**** H**** on November 27, 2011. After completing the interview and returning to the sheriff’s office annex, I converted the recording to compact disc and placed the recording into evidence locker 18 on November 27, 2011 at approximately 1700 hours.

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Supplemental #12
Dave Hatch

On today’s date, Detective Robert Glassmire called me and requested I respond to 62 Corral Dr Carbondale CO 81623 and retrieve a beer bottle which had been recovered outside the residence. Detective Glassmire advised me that the beer bottle may have some evidentiary value to this case and asked that I recover it and book it into evidence.

At approximately 2015 hrs I met with a Mrs Toni Ingram at the address listed above and collected a glass beer bottle inside a brown plastic bag. Mrs Ingram advised me that her son found the bottle behind the house in a bush.

I later entered the bottle into this case as evidence item #9

No further actions were taken by this Deputy.

Item #9-one glass beer bottle in a brown plastic bag.
All items remained in my custody until I placed them in evidence locker #7 at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Annex located at 106 CR 333A Rifle Colorado 81650.

No attachments.

Please note that the address on the evidence bag of 66 Corral Dr, is incorrect and that the correct address is 62 Corral Dr.

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Supplement Report #13

December 26, 2011
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Additional follow up and associated death investigation of stalking victim, Morgan Ingram.

On December 2, 2011, I was notified that Morgan Ingram, the primary victim in this stalking investigation, has died. The cause and manner of death were unknown. Please see Garfield County Sheriff’s Office case 11-29169 for details on Morgan’s death investigation.

Prior to December 2, 2011, Toni Ingram had told me that a person associated with Morgan had heard K**** V**** say that he has a girlfriend named Morgan. Toni felt this was suspicious and thought that it was odd that K**** was claiming to have a girlfriend named Morgan that apparently lived in Carbondale.

I followed up on this and ultimately spoke with K**** in reference to his girlfriend named Morgan. K**** explained that he did have a girlfriend named Morgan M**** who worked at City Market in Glenwood Springs.

While speaking with K**** I told him that Morgan Ingram was found dead in her bedroom this morning. K****’s facial expression seemed shocked and he seemed very off guard with the news.

I then went to the City Market in Glenwood Springs, CO and asked a store manager if Morgan was working. I was told that she was working but she was on lunch and they do not track what employees do while on lunch. I provided the manager with my business card and asked that they give it to Morgan so she can call me.

About 30 minutes later, I received a call from Morgan M****. I explained to Morgan how I came about her name and she explained that she is K****’s girlfriend and they have been dating just a short while. Morgan said that she knew that K**** had been accused of stalking another girl named Morgan. Morgan M**** seemed very open about her relationship with K****.

Overall, I was able to determine that Morgan M**** is dating K**** and that there is no evidence that K**** is saying that he was ever dating Morgan Ingram.

I do believe that Toni Ingram’s concerns based on the information she had at the time were valid. Moreover, she reported her concerns to me and after investigation; it seemed innocent that K**** was dating another Morgan.

In the days following Morgan’s death, stalking activity either has stopped or has gone unnoticed. Steve and Toni ultimately disconnected their cameras stating that reviewing

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the video and the video equipment itself was a reminder of Morgan and they did not want it. They ultimately took all of the camera equipment down.

Toni and Steve have expressed their desire for the investigation to remain active. They have also inferred that Morgan likely died due to stress caused by the stalker.

Furthermore, the investigation still has leads that need to be investigated. Therefore, I intend on following up on various leads as the case progresses.

Toni had explained to me that in the days after Morgan’s death, B**** H**** stopped by the house and began offering her condolences. Toni said that B**** was sobbing and exclaiming how sorry she was that this had happened. Toni felt that this was somewhat awkward because Morgan and B**** were never friends and were barely acquainted with each other. Toni said that it was as if B**** had a lot of guilt attached to Morgan’s death.

On December 6, 2011, I met with the El Jebel City Market Store manager, Trent C****. Trent was able to provide me with time sheets and hours worked in regards to K**** V****. Trent said that K**** is a good employee and that that he has not had any problems with K**** as an employee. Trent said that K**** has told him about the case involving him and what is going on in Carbondale. I have attached the employee records to this supplemental.

On December 12, 2011, I was asked by Toni Ingram to call her son’s girlfriend in reference to a conversation she had after Morgan Ingram’s death. She identified her son’s girlfriend as Leesa with a phone number of ****.

Due to other calls, I was unable to call Leesa until December 18, 2011. Leesa identified herself as Leesa W****. Leesa stated that she wasn’t sure what the conversation meant but that a girl named Nina came over to offer her condolences and they engaged in conversation about the stalker. Nina had been friends with Morgan at one point.

Leesa said that she asked Nina who she thought it was and Nina thought maybe that it was a jealous ex-boyfriend. Leesa said she didn’t think so and asked Nina if she thought it could have been B**** or K****. Nina said she didn’t think so and thought that if it was it was probably just them joking around.

Leesa said that Nina’s body language was unusual and that she was looking down and away and was somewhat fidgety.

Leesa said that Nina was very adamant that it was a joke if it was B**** and K**** that was stalking Morgan. Leesa said she was not sure when this conversation took place but thought that it occurred a few days after Morgan’s death. Leesa thought it was strange that Nina seemed to be very adamant that Nina kept referring to K**** and B**** as playing a joke, if it was them.

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On Sunday December 18, 2011, Detective Alstatt and I met with The Ingrams at their home. I collected from the DVR that was used to record the video from their home.

They no longer were using the equipment and were not sure what to do with it. I informed them that I would collect the DVR in hopes to have the memory copied and then have the DVR returned to them. That way the information stored on the DVR in reference to this case is saved.

Detective Alstatt and I have stopped by Nina’s home and we provided a business card with her father. Right now, we don’t have much information on Nina and hope to follow up with her in the future.

K**** V****’s employee records (81)

Item 12 – DVR from Ingrams residence collected by me on December 18, 2011. The item remained secured until December 26, 2011 when I submitted it into annex evidence locker 14.

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Supplement Report #14
January 3, 2012

Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative:
1. Follow up with Ingrams on January 1, 2012.
2. Interview with Leylani B**** R**** (DOB 03/11/1991 (Nina) on January 2,

On January 1, 2012, Detective Alstatt and I met with Toni and Steve Ingram at their home. They provided me with miscellaneous items that they felt could be important. The items included things that were collected from around the house such as papers, hairs, and other items that would generally included trash. The Ingrams conceded that it might have no relevance to the case but thought that it was important to provide it to me for my determination as to its relevance. I feel that since it was provided it is important to maintain it as evidence since I do not know the items relevance at this point.

Therefore, I placed the items in a single evidence bag and submitted them to evidence.

The Ingrams also had a concern that the suspect(s) may have left fingerprints on a Land Rover parked in the driveway. There is video evidence of what appears to be a person crouched near back of the Land Rover. I examined the Land Rover, did not see the presence of latent prints, and noted no ignificant areas where latent prints would be recovered. The video that I referred to was captured several months ago and since then the weather has provided cold temperatures, rain, and snow.

Detective Alstatt and I then left the residence stopping by the home of Leylani “Nina” B**** R****. We left a business card with Nina’s father and asked that he have her call me. In supplemental 13, I wrote that Ryan Ingram’s girlfriend had told me about how Nina had come over to the house and she acted fidgety when asked about whom the stalker was. Nina apparently said that if it was K**** or B**** they were just playing around.

My purpose for trying to find Nina was so that I could interview her. Nina did call me on January 1, 2012 and we set up an interview for January 2, 2012 at 1230. Detective Alstatt and I met with Nina at that time and interviewed her at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office interview room. The interview was recorded and lasted about 16 minutes. The following is a summary of the interview and the interview should be viewed for a better understanding.

I spoke with Nina about how she knew Morgan and she explained that she went to school with Morgan on and off during their adolescent years. Nina said that they also lived near each other at several different locations.

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Nina said that she had not talked with Morgan in depth over the last few years but she had seen her from time to time, the most recent being a few days before her death. Nina said that the conversation was short and they talked about how they should get together soon.

I spoke with Nina about what she thought about the stalking case and she said that she didn’t have any real plausible explanations. Nina explained that she thought it might have been a boyfriend that was jealous but she learned that Morgan did have any bad relationships with ex-boyfriends. Nina also said she thought it might be some friends playing a joke but Nina said she figured if it was friends then they would have stopped after the police were called.

I spoke with Nina about her thoughts as they related to B**** H**** or K**** V**** and she said that if it was them they were playing a joke. Nina said she doesn’t know K**** well but she did not think B**** would have done something like that. Nina said that B**** and Morgan were friends at one point but did not think that they ended their relationship in a good way. Nina said that B**** went to rehab at the age of 13.

Overall, Nina provided a consistent statement and I did not feel that she was strongly opinionated about who the stalker could be. Nina seemed very neutral. The interview ended.

The case is still active.

Item 12 – Items from around the house. I collected the item on January 1, 2011, maintained in my vehicle until January 3, 2011 when I submitted it into evidence locker 7 at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Annex.
Item 13 – DVD of interview with Nina collected on January 2, 2012. The interview was submitted to evidence on January 3, 2012 at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office annex.

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Supplemental #15
Megan Alstatt 224

March 14, 2012

On March 12, 2012, at approximately 1630 hours, I received calls from both Detective Glassmire (who was out of town on training) and Toni Ingram regarding something Steve had found at their old house at 62 Corral Drive. Steve had been in the area doing some work and had noticed that the gutter above Morgan’s bedroom window looked bent as if it had been leaned on many times. He also had another person he was with, Nathan, climb onto the roof. Nathan did this with ease and once up there he noticed an area where there was a depression. If he sat in that depression he was not visible from the ground. Steve thought that stalker may have been able to hide on the roof, tap on the window and then remain out of sight of our deputies. Steve took some photos of these things. He also located a razor blade under a bush near the corner of the house where Morgan’s window was. He photographed it and collected it per Detective Glassmire’s advisement. Detective Glassmire asked me to call Toni, which I did, and I advised Toni I would come by to collect the information.

I arrived at their new home at *** Point, Carbondale, CO and contacted Steve and Toni.

They provided me with two photos and the razor blade in a plastic baggie. Toni also provided me with an updated timeline of the stalking to provide to Detective Glassmire. Further, Steve had looked up some information on what the razor blade could be used for. He printed that information out and provided it to me. I also asked if they could direct me to the new home owners at 62 Corral Drive so we could call and get permission to look at the roof and take pictures. Steve gave me a printout with this information. All of the above mentioned items have been placed into evidence.

I stayed on scene for a while speaking with Toni and Steve and once their questions were answered I cleared. I relayed this information to Detective Glassmire.


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Supplemental #16
Megan Alstatt 224

March 20, 2012

On March 20, 2012, I received a call from Toni Ingram. She stated that she had gone to City Market in Carbondale and had spoken to one of their security team. She said she was told that they keep their surveillance tapes for a while and it still may be possible that they had footage from December 2, 2012. I advised her I would let Detective Glassmire know.

Toni also told me that she had a planter outside of her front door that had a gnome and a railroad spike in it. She explained that at the house on Corral Drive the motion detector had been in that planter. Toni said that she had realized on Sunday around 1730 hours that the gnome and spike were gone. She stated that she knew they had been there as of Friday after lunchtime. Toni also said that she had seen a man in an older, tan, Ford F150 with a work box parked in front of her home. She said the man was stopped and had just stared at her. Toni said she went outside and stared back and the man left, but pulled around to another part of the subdivision. Toni said Steve had a really great description of the truck. Toni said she didn’t know what to make of it but felt she wanted it to be reported. I have advised Detective Glassmire and Toni stated she would continue to be vigilant and
write these things down.

Supplemental #17

March 26, 2012
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Follow up with Toni Ingram

On March 20, 2012, I spoke with Toni Ingram regarding this case. Toni continues to show concern over the case and ultimately, wants the person or persons who stalked her daughter to be charged.

In addition, Toni Ingram and her husband, Steve Ingram have been in contact with Dr. Kurtzman, the forensic pathologist who conducted the post mortem autopsy on Morgan Ingram.

In fact, I helped facilitate the initial contact and participated in a three-way conversation with Dr. Kurtzman and Toni and Steve Ingram. This occurred on February 27, 2012.

The focus of the conversation was between the Ingrams and Dr. Kurtzman. I did however answer a few questions.

The Ingrams expressed their desire to have the manner of death changed. As I can best describe, the Ingrams do not believe that the acute intermittent porphyria caused the death of Morgan. In fact, they strongly suggest that he death of Morgan should be attributed to the active stalking investigation.

The Ingrams know that it is not my job to determine manner or cause of death. Hence, why they have been in contact with Dr. Kurtzman. I also referred them to the Garfield County Coroner’s Office for further information.

The Ingrams also advised they were travelling to California to speak with some of Morgan’s doctors so that they could explain to Morgan’s doctors the pathology report. I later learned that the doctor in California had been in contact with Dr. Kurtzman.

On March 20, 2012, I spoke with Toni regarding some of her thoughts regarding the investigation. Toni told me about a person named Jill S****, who she had mentioned to me before, having some information. Toni later wrote me an email that read:

Rob – I know I gave you the name of the woman that spoke with B****’s Dad, J**** H****, the morning that Morgan died, but I thought I should also put it in writing for you.

My friend L**** Means drove over to my house to tell me that her friend J**** had received a phone call from her insurance agent Mr. H**** on the morning of December 2nd to say he had to cancel their appointment that morning because there was crime scene tape all around his neighbor’s house and it was a house that the daughter had had a stalker, and that the police thought

Page: 46 of 60

he was the stalker, but they now they know it was his daughter’s boyfriend not him, and that he had to stick around to find out what was happening.

My friend L**** told me that J****s husband is a **** County Sheriff. I will speak with J**** as soon as possible to see if this is really what she heard on the phone that morning from J**** H****, and if so I will tell her that you will do an interview with her.

Toni’s concern is that J****’s statement regarding the fact that J**** thought the police once thought it was him concerned Toni. Toni felt that that statement by J**** was somewhat concerning, since the police never thought him to be the stalker. Toni wanted me to have that information in hopes that I will be able to interview J**** about it.

Toni also talked to me about a few things she had previously talked to Detective Alstatt about. The first was the possible idea that that the stalker could have been on the roof. This is outlined in Detective Alstatt’s supplemental report 15. Toni emailed me a google maps picture with hand written notes and two photos of a tree that could have been climbed to gain access to the roof and of the cracked gutter. I’ve added those photos and notes as attachments to this case. Also in the supplemental Detective Alstatt referenced a timeline, which she was unable to scan into the report as an attachment. I have added that timeline, that has been updated by Toni, as an attachment.

Toni also talked to me about the person she witnessed in front of her house and the theft of some yard items. Detective Alstatt references this in supplemental #16. Toni sent me an email regarding this incident and it read:

On Sunday, March 18th sometime between 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Steve and I
were cooking in the kitchen when our dog Tessi started to growl at the back
sliding glass door. I went to look out the door to see if it was a deer or cat or
something, and in-between our neighbors houses, pulled over and parked
was (Steve’s best guess) a solid, light tan colored Ford F 150 truck, it was a
super cab, short bed – older model early 2000’s rounder body shape
compared to the newer more square type body, with a box (tool box?) in the
back that was not the color of the truck, and something else (undetermined,
but visible) was behind the box. There was a male driver that was staring
towards our sliding glass door, when I walked out the door and looked
directly at him he put the truck in gear and drove away. He circle the block
and came back by a while later slowly, and that is when Steve observed him
through our kitchen window, stopped in front of our driveway. Steve exited
the house, through our garage to approach the truck, but it was gone. We

Page: 47 of 60

will keep our eyes open and if we see it again we will try to get the license plate. Is there anyone involved in the investigation that owns a similar truck?

At this point I went out the front door to see if I could see where the truck
went (I couldn’t see the truck any longer), and that is when I saw that my
small gnome (on a garden stake) and antique railroad stake was missing out
of my round flower pot on the porch. This was the same flower pot that was
by our front door at our old house that I would put the motion detector in.

Steve and I looked all around the outside of the house to see if someone and
taken them and then tossed them on the ground, but we could not find them
anywhere – they were stolen. I estimate the cost of the gnome to be $25.00
and the replacement cost of the stake to be $10.00.

this is what the railroad stake looked like (not mine, but looks like it)

11-20197 Ingram
I will try to find a picture of gnome – I know I do have a picture somewhere.
They were both in my flower box on Friday when I went on the front porch in
the afternoon so they were take after that.

On March 25, 2012, I spoke with Toni over the phone. It had been earlier discussed that I would try and contact the realtor that is selling the home of 62 Corral Dr. Carbondale, CO and arrange for a time that I could photograph the exterior of the house and the roof of the house regarding the idea that the suspect may have been on the roof.

I had emailed the realtor but I had never heard back. Toni had told me that she had spoken to the security guard at Carbondale City Market and had learned that the security footage tapes go back several months. Toni felt that the security tapes at the El Jebel City Market would also go back. Toni had previously told me that she felt that if the tapes showed K**** V**** leaving with corresponding times to that of the stalking events, it would prove that K**** was the stalker.

I later told Toni that if indeed it did show K**** leaving with corresponding times it would be very circumstantial and that at any given time the argument could be made that

Page: 48 of 60

he was going anywhere. Toni told me that she is concerned that the tapes would not be saved because all of K****’s family works at the City Market in El Jebel.

Toni also told me that she had seen K**** at the Glenwood Springs City Market but that nothing specific had happened. Toni told me that she saw K****’s girlfriend, named Morgan M****, with him. Toni stated that she had learned that Morgan M**** didn’t actually become his girlfriend until just about a month ago. Toni knew that I had talked to Morgan M**** on the day that Toni’s daughter, Morgan Ingram, died. Morgan M**** had said that she is K****’s girlfriend.

Toni stated that she felt that Morgan M**** was covering for K**** and that they didn’t actually start dating until much later. I checked Morgan M****’s facebook page, which apparently had no restricted access, and noted that on her “wall” Morgan M**** indicated that she had once been seeing K****, broke up with him, and started dating him.

I noted no specific dates of when she said she had been seeing him and broke up with him the first time, but it coincides with Morgan M****’s conversation with me on December 2, 2011. I don’t suspect that Morgan was covering for K**** and have no further reason investigate that claim.

Toni also told me that she had talked to J**** (mentioned earlier in this report). J**** apparently said that she didn’t remember what J**** H**** said to her. She then stated that she later spoke to him later that week and that the reason he had to cancel his appointment on the day that Morgan Ingram died was because the neighbor had died and he was worried that his daughter Brook may have something to do with it and he was concerned and wanted to protect her.

Toni was concerned that J**** felt that there was a need to protect his daughter and that seemed suspicious. As in why would he be concerned in protecting his daughter when Morgan died? Toni asked that I follow up with J**** H**** and question him regarding his statements to J****.

During her conversation with me, Toni vented her frustrations at the slow pace of the investigation. She also mentioned that she didn’t want to go to the press and knew that if she did it would provide more pressure for law enforcement. Toni also told me “K**** is a predator and a serial killer in the making.” I noted that Toni seemed positive that K**** is the only suspect, however, there is no evidence that K**** is the suspect. There is surveillance video and the person depicted on some of the footage resembles K**** and his car, however, it is grainy and I cannot absolutely say that it is K****. At one point, I requested the assistance of Detective Matt Gronbeck (Supplemental #9) to look at the video. He was unable to enhance or clear the picture of the surveillance video. Furthermore, his verbal opinion to me at the time was that he could not conclude that the person pictured on the surveillance video was K****.

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Toni also told me that she learned that Morgan M****, K****’s girlfriend, was going to vet school. Toni told me about how she had also gone to vet school and that she thought, as a possibility, that somebody had entered their home the day that Morgan had died and had given Morgan Ingram’s dog a tranquilizer knowing that it would disable the dog temporarily. Toni immediately dismissed the idea as unlikely but she still mentioned it.

Usually when I speak with Toni over the phone she talks about several different topics. I often ask her to complete a statement and email it to me so I can be sure to include the report everything that she tried to convey to me. Toni did email me a statement and it read:

Great talking to you again Rob, trying to reiterate the high points;
Steve has spoken in the past with the realtors who have listed 62 Corral and
he will try to move the permission along so you can get pictures of key places
on the roof for evidence before the house changes hands to the new owners.
We are researching if the cutter blade recovered from 62 Corral is something
used at City Market and as always will update you on any information that
becomes available.

I spoke with J**** S****, she was at first uncertain of the exact wording due
to the passage of time. After our conversation the things she seemed most
certain of were:

• J**** left a voice message on the morning Morgan was found, sounded worried and had to cancel their appointment that day.

• He had to cancel due to a house with crime scene tape around it, and he has
to see what is going on. That the girl that lived there had a stalker, and at one time the “police” thought it was him, but now they know it is his daughter’s boyfriend.

• J**** spoke with J**** later that week, and he said and/or she believes J**** was worried that B**** might be involved, and J**** just wants to protect her.

• J**** wondered if J**** was a suspect still. I think she was very relieved to find out he was not.

• J**** thinks the Garfield County Sheriff’s should definitely interview J**** about all he knows about his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, as obviously he knows
something that will help the case.

• I told J**** that L**** Means drove to our house to comfort us when she found out what had happened and shortly after arriving relayed, the conversation earlier that she had with J**** and I wrote down the bullet points right after L**** left that afternoon.

Page: 50 of 60

Rob, important to point out L**** had been told that Morgan was being stalked once and she put two and two together after J**** called her that morning to tell her about the strange message from her insurance agent.

Dr. Kurtzman freely admitted on our conference call that he had very little
experience in this and would welcome information from people on the coast
who had more experience. When we traveled to UCLA we were completely
prepared for whatever opinion we were given. Incidentally, we discovered
they are at or very near the top of Forensic Pathology programs in the entire
country – that has to count for something! And when a Doctor and Director
from UCLA, who treated Morgan, reviewed all of her files and with all the
resources at her disposal, tells us Morgan’s death was without question
homicide. That is good enough for us.

I am trying to see what it will take to preserve the camera recordings at City
Market. I am at present aware of four “V****” that work at City Market
El Jebel and am working from the assumption their first loyalty will be to
K****. So I went to the Carbondale City Market and asked about the
cameras. The manager called for the security officer for the store who was
most helpful and said recordings from the cameras were kept 6 months or
more depending on the camera and all I had to do was give her the day to get
a recording of it.

I will be having a conversation with a local judge as to what is the best way to approach this matter and will confer with you before I do anything.

In case my previous email link did not work, here is a the link to an abstract
with citations from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, concerning “Homicide by fright” and citing successful prosecutions under this theory -…om=/19627034/r elated

Steve has scheduled an appt. with a local Cardiologist to begin research of
Homicide by fright relating to our case.

Going back to the suspicious Dodge pickup we saw in Equestrian Estates, lic
#***??, The owner from **** has a son who is reported to be a great
skate boarder and good guy that is the age group of K**** and was out of
town for an extended period of time and may have lent it of by some other
chain of events it ended up available to K****. The driver was of the right
size, build and hair color to be K**** but always wore a baseball cap and
dark glasses.

As per the book you suggested on stalkers I definitely find K**** to fit the
serial killer in the making profile. Everyone close to him and his father that we
have spoken to finds them to be Very Creepy with a capital C. At this point we

Page: 51 of 60

have no doubt Morgan’s death was a homicide and who is responsible, our goal going forward is to save another young woman and her family from what we have been and will be going through.

As always thank you for help and good luck
Toni Ingram

There is more follow up and at the time of finishing this supplemental report, I had a interview scheduled with K**** V****. For later on March 25, 2012. Please see subsequent supplemental reports on the status of the interview.

Email attachments sent from Toni (3 pages)
Timeline from Toni (28 pages) (Note: Pg. 6 is blank)

Page: 52 of 60
Supplement Report #18

April 1, 2012
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Interview with K**** V****

On March 25, 2012, at approximately 1400 hours, I interviewed K**** V**** in reference to this case. The interview was recorded onto DVD and the below narrative is paraphrased. Please view the DVD for a full understanding of the interview content.

I first spoke to K**** about the case and what he had heard. K**** stated that he had heard from a co-worker that Morgan had died of suicide. I told K**** that she had not died of suicide.

I spoke to K**** about the case and his overall knowledge of the case. K**** told me he was surprised to find out that it is still active. I also talked to K**** regarding what he thought about B**** H****, K****’s ex-girlfriend, being a potential suspect in the case. I also referred to a 2011 Carbondale Police report regarding Morgan Ingram’s car being keyed. K**** stated that he felt that Morgan and B**** had a history and that he knew that one time B**** had said that she didn’t like Morgan. K**** said he wasn’t sure if B**** would key her car and he further stated that he had no personal knowledge of B**** keying Morgan’s car. K**** further advised that he had no personal knowledge of B**** being involved with the stalking but conceded that she could have done it.

I then spoke to K**** about his involvement. I told K**** that he is still a viable suspect and that there is surveillance of him in Morgan’s driveway. I told K**** that we had sent the photos to an independent lab, that lab had compared photos of the surveillance, and his facebook photos and that they identified him as the same person. Furthermore, I showed K**** a fictitious lab report stating such.

During the interview, K**** denied any involvement stating that it wasn’t him. K**** did state that he did not remember ever being on her driveway or approaching her house. Furthermore, he stated that if it was him, which it wasn’t, maybe he saw something like a nice car that would have drawn his attention to that area. K**** did maintain that it wasn’t him on the video and that he had never been on the driveway. K**** did not deviate from his story or his claim that the person on the video was not him.

I did ask K**** if he would be willing to submit to a computer voice stress analyzer (CVSA). K**** stated he would.

At the conclusion of the interview, K**** left. It should be noted that the interview was DVD recorded and that the above is a paraphrase of the interview itself. The DVD should be reviewed for a full understanding of the interview.

Page: 53 of 60

The case is active.

Item 17 – DVD Recorded interview with K**** VanGinkel. Collected by me from the DVR at the Sheriff’s Office on March 25, 2012. Submitted to annex evidence on April 4,
2012, locker 9.

Page: 54 of 60
Supplement Report #19

April 15, 2012
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Follow up regarding suspicious vehicle.

Earlier in the investigation, The Ingrams reported to me that they saw a suspicious truck in front of their house on Corral Dr. They mentioned that it drove by the house on a few separate occasions and that it had tinted windows. The Ingrams were concerned that it might be related to K**** or B****.

At the time I ran the license plate and learned that the registered owner is Patrick S**** of Basalt, CO. I shared this information with Toni and she seemed satisfied believing it was not related to the case. More recently, she became concerned after doing some internet research that the driver of the truck was not an older man. Toni told me that she felt that the owner of the truck may be the registered owner but the driver is his son who is friends with K****. Toni asked that I investigate.

I did follow up with the registered owner, Patrick S**** on Sunday April 8, 2012 at his home located at ****, CO ****. P**** answered the door and was very friendly. Furthermore, he described that he used to work in real estate and as a common habit; he still does a lot of driving around looking at real estate. Patrick said that he did drive through the neighborhood once looking at houses and property. Patrick showed me the truck and its registration matched that of the license plate that the Ingrams gave to me.

I asked Patrick if he had any sons that may have driven the vehicle and he said that one son does drive the vehicle on a very occasional basis if he needs the four-wheel drive capabilities. I asked Patrick if his son would call me so I could follow up with him. I also asked Patrick if he knew of K**** V**** and he stated he didn’t.

On Sunday April 15, 2012, I spoke with Patrick’s son, Derek S****. and he stated that on occasion he does drive the truck. I also learned that Derek has a friend, Matt W****, who used to live on Corral Drive, just down the street from The Ingrams. Derek stated that Matt lived at the first house on the right side of the street. Derek did not believe he had ever driven his dad’s truck to his friend’s house but stated it was possible. Derek stated he did not know K**** and he also stated that he did not know anybody else other than Matt that lived on that street.

Overall, the follow up shows that the vehicle had a legitimate reason for being in the neighborhood and there is no connection between Patrick or Derek S**** to this case.

The case remains open.


Page: 56 of 60
Supplement Report #20

May 1, 2012
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Follow up

On April 12, 2012, I received an email from Toni Ingram that read:

I have been trying to obtain a copy of K****’s arrest report from
Glenwood Springs PD. So far I have been unsuccessful. I was
referred to the DA’s office and they don’t have it either. They also
have decided that I can not contact the arresting officer, mainly I
would like to speak to the officer that made the ID of K**** at the
cash for gold site and what exactly they know about the gold that
was brought there. As far as I have determined all of Morgan’s
gold jewelry is gone. I believe it’s my right to know if it has ever
been determined if all the gold jewelry that was sold by K****
belonged to the woman in Glenwood Springs or if Morgan’s jewelry
could have been mixed in with the batch of gold sold.
Now they are referring me back to you in Garfield County –
because we live in Garfield and we are not a victim of their crime
when that certainly been determined yet. If Morgan’s jewelry was
in with the sale K**** made then she was a victim of the same
crime and the timing of the sale by K**** fits right in with the
Please let me know what I can do.
Toni Ingram

I later called Toni and she explained that she and Steve believe that some of
Morgan’s jewelry is missing. She stated that they don’t know exactly what is
missing. Toni requested that I follow up with a Cash for Gold store located at
1306 Grand Ave. Glenwood Springs, CO. Toni asked that I obtain a list of all the jewelry that K**** V**** has sold to that Cash for Gold store.

I explained to Toni that if she wants to report a theft of Morgan’s jewelry I would be happy to assist with that and either generate a new case or add it to the ongoing stalking case. I then told her that she would have to complete a list of stolen items and that she could not look at a list of items and determine what had been stolen from that list.

Page: 57 of 60

It had been known that K**** V**** sold stolen jewelry to the Cash for
Gold business and Toni believes some of that jewelry is Morgan’s.

I followed up with the business and the clerk indicated he only maintains records for 30 days then he gets rid of them. The clerk, who I did not identify, indicated that Toni Ingram had been in the store looking for the same information. The clerk stated that the information is no longer available but that he remembers K**** coming into the store and selling about five or six pieces of jewelry. This is consistent with the Glenwood Springs case.

It should be noted that by the clerk’s own admission, the Cash for Gold store is in violation of Title 18 Article 16 of the Colorado Revised Statues (Purchasers of Valuable Articles.) I have notified Glenwood Spring Police of the violations because the business is located in the city limits.

It should be noted that there is no information to believe that K**** V****
has stolen any of Morgan Ingram’s jewelry. Furthermore, Toni or Steve Ingram
have yet to provide me with a list to base a theft report on.

The case is ongoing.

Page: 58 of 60
Supplement Report #21

May 20, 2012
Robert Glassmire

Subject of Narrative: Disposition and meeting with The Ingrams

On May 16, 2012, at approximately 1800 hours, Detective Alstatt and I met with Steve and Toni Ingram at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. Steve and Toni talked to us about the status of their involvement and research in getting the manner of death changed.

In previous conversations with Steve and Toni, they had inferred that they wanted the manner of death changed to homicide. In this conversation, they talked about getting the manner of death changed to undetermined. Steve and Toni mentioned that if the manner of death were ruled as undetermined the case would not be closed and thus needing follow up.

Toni also provided me with typed notes that she had accumulated describing why Dr. Kurtzman should change the manner of death to something other than natural. Furthermore, the typed notes also had ideas on what could have happened and how the killer could have gotten into the residence. Also attached is a three-page document outlining cell phone spying. The Ingrams had mentioned this as a possible reason why the stalker always knew where Morgan was.

Detective Alstatt and I then talked about the Sheriff’s Office case status and the lack of credible leads to be followed up on. We further discussed we would be placing the case on an, “inactive, pending further leads” status. On two occasions, we talked about the inactive status of the case. Toni and Steve both agreed that they understood what that meant and Steve even stated something to the effect of that is what he would do.

Steve and Toni further advised that they are going to continue with the case and their primary goal at this point is to have the cause and manner of death changed appropriately.

The case is inactive, pending further leads.

Typed notes (7 pages)
Spy phone documents (3)

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Victim’s Advocates

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