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April 2, 2013 by truthformorgan

Good evening.

As you know, Truth For Morgan WordPress rarely responds to claims of untruthfulness or bias. We have chosen to post only the facts as reported to and by law enforcement and medical examiners/professionals (within the restrictions of HIPAA). There have been no new posts because there has been no new reports or evidence.

However, it has been brought to our attention that Toni Ingram has made the claim that the administrators of this blog have purposefully lied and left out supplemental reports from the investigation into the alleged stalking of Morgan Ingram.

TFMW originally requested and received only the relevant investigation reports. We have now requested all 200+ pages to follow up.

TFMW has never made any claims that an individual was NOT named in the investigation. This person was mentioned several times, as evidenced in the reports posted here, mostly by the Ingrams in emails to the detective. TFMW made the decision that since the reports clearly state the individual was cleared and was no longer a suspect in an active investigation, the responsible thing to do was to redact his and other individual’s names from the reports.

We did not redact information that was relevant to the investigation. We redacted information that was sensitive in nature, such as dates of birth, physical addresses, and personal identification information. There have been public threats made toward the accused, and we felt that posting addresses and license plates could potentially lead to a vigilante situation.

Lastly, there are no portions of this blog that are password protected, aside from the administrator dashboard. If Mrs. Ingram is referring to TFMW, the vague claim that there are blog posts “hidden” from the public is simply false. ETA: We have received notification that we were reported for posting things we do not own. This may be the password protected content she is referring to. Everything is public record and we are challenging the claim. Please stay tuned. Thank you for your patience.

(The pages that were falsely reported were:

TFMW is not associated in any way with any of the accused parties or the victims. We make no claims to know who is guilty, who is innocent, who is a victim, and who is a murderer. We have always and will continue to present the information we receive in the most unbiased manner possible.

Thank you for following. We appreciate every visitor and have hope that the reports and documents posted here will assist the reader in understanding the full scope of the tragic events that surrounded Morgan Ingram’s life and untimely death.

Contact Apologies for delayed replies. We have set up a better notification system so we do not miss anymore of your very vital emails. We appreciate every reader who takes the time to contact us.

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