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April 2, 2013 by truthformorgan

We at TFMW respect WordPress’s terms of service. We would never intentionally post anything that we do not own or that is not public access/public records. We made the mistake of posting the scans that Toni Ingram has posted on her blog, and we do not own them. We wanted to include all information, and assumed that if Mrs. Ingram posted it, she meant for it to support her claims. We wrongfully assumed she would appreciate our attempts at illustrating all “sides” of this situation.

For the purpose of transparency, we have decided to post the DMCA Takedown Notice and let the readers know what was removed and why. The explanations are in red italics.

Hi there,

We have received a DMCA Takedown Notice ( for the following material published on your site: of Dr Doberson’s letter of Dr Doberson’s letter from Toni Ingram’s blog regarding a certain candle image, public post entire blog post regarding Dr Doberson’s letter and opinion fact vs. fiction page which contained screenshots of Mrs. Ingram’s public posts

As per the DMCA’s requirements, we have disabled public access to the material. If you do not have the legal rights to distribute the material, you are required to permanently delete the post and/or content and let us know when this has been done.

Republishing this material without permission of its copyright holder – or continuing to publish material that results in DMCA Takedown Notices – will result in a permanent suspension of your site and account. Publishing such material is a direct violation of the Terms of Service (, which you agreed to upon registration.

If you wish to formally challenge this notice, we will be happy to provide you will all of the appropriate details.

Thank you.
Bryan V. | Automattic

Fortunately, nothing that was removed was really all that important. Screenshots of her blog. You can still see the scans of his letter on this post of Mrs. Ingram’s blog. We will repost the blog that contained the transcribed letter and scans, with the scans removed. We will also remove the screenshots from the Fact Vs. Fiction page and repost.

It is difficult to successfully show the entire story if we are forced to remove certain things. On one hand, we are accused of hiding information and redacting official reports, while on the other hand, what we post that supports the claims Toni Ingram is making are being reported and removed.

We are confident our readers can see what is happening, and are drawing their own conclusions. Thank you again for following along and we hope the truth is someday fully revealed and Morgan can finally rest. She deserves to be at peace.

Contact Apologies for delayed replies. We have set up a better notification system so we do not miss anymore of your very vital emails. We appreciate every reader who takes the time to contact us.

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