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December 17, 2012 by truthformorgan

The contributors to this blog have worked tirelessly to compile a “fact sheet” for those interested. Everything listed here is backed by an official report, a screenshot, or links.

Again, our intent is not to discredit or attack the Ingram family, but to spotlight the truth of the tragic events surrounding Morgan’s death.

It is irresponsible of Mrs. Ingram to write a fictional account of what happened to her daughter, naming individuals who were investigated and cleared, and accusing those who tried to help her of unprofessionalism at best and nefarious motives at worst.

FICTION:  Morgan was forcibly given or injected a “date rape cocktail”.

FACT:  Morgan ingested one medication.  The toxicology screen shows amitriptyline and cotinine in Morgan’s blood.  This means it had time to be processed and make it’s way through the body.  Cotinine is the metabolite of nicotine; in other words, she was either smoking or had been around smokers.  Morgan’s stomach contents showed a massive amount of amitriptyline in the orange, granular substance found there.  The amitritpyline pills she was prescribed may have been orange.  Also, in her stomach contents was the presence of cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), which had not had a chance to make it to her blood stream, so didn’t contribute to her death.  All other medications were negative or inconsenquential.  In addition, the fact that the medication was found in her stomach means it was not injected or applied by a transdermal patch.  The fact that there was pill granulation in the stomach contents proves the medication Morgan ingested was in pill form, not liquid.

FICTION:  Liquid amitriptyline and transdermal patches were readily available at the horse ranch behind the house.

FACT:  While transdermal patches are available for veterinary medicine, it is designed, and dosed, for cats and dogs, not large animals such as horses as seen here.  Liquid amitriptyline can be special-ordered through this pharmacy, as mentioned in the link above, but is not readily available or lying around in ranches across America.  Amitriptyline paste is also available for veterinary medicine, but there was no residue of medication on Morgan’s skin, and again, she had granulated pills in her gastric content; the same pills she had been prescribed.

FICTION:  The Ingrams reported most of the incidents/The police failed to followed up on stalking reports.

FACT:  As shown on the Incident List at Truth for Morgan, most of the time spent at the Ingram home by police officers was not a result of calls from the Ingrams, but rather followup on previous calls and increased patrol.  In fact, only 8 of the 34 reported incidents were actual calls from the Ingrams.  Furthermore, the Ingrams themselves often chose to report various incidents via email to the detectives, as outlined in the police reports.  In addition, the Ingrams often sabotaged the investigation.  From Toni’s own blog:

“A few minutes later one of the Deputies called back ,and Steve talked to him.  They were going to try to bring a dog, and wanted us to stay inside until they got there so as not to contaminate the scene with our scent.

I think that after spending most of the day in the yard our scent is everywhere already, but I am happy we are at last giving the dog a chance.  It seemed like forever, and I kept hearing noises outside, hard to explain, but they were like taunting noises. The motion detector alarms kept going off, and I knew he was right out there. It was driving me crazy.  Steve and I were soon fighting about running outside to chase him down or waiting for the dog.

 Finally I just absolutely could not take it any longer.  Having a rock smash into the window as I sat at my desk allowed me see first hand what this was like for Morgan, it was horrible, and I wanted this guy now.  I told Steve I was going out to catch him, and if he didn’t want to, he could just wait inside.  Steve tried to talk me out of it, and when he saw there was no chance for that he said he would go outside, do one sweep around the house, and then stand up on the berm – but only if I agreed to stay inside and man the phones. I said OK and he was gone.  It didn’t take long to discover I had made a huge mistake.”

[screenshot removed – DMCA TakeDown Notice]

FICTION: The police were not allowed to take pictures of the footprints until it was a felony stalking case.

FACT: Law enforcement did take pictures of the one footprint found in the mud:  “I took several photographs of the shoe print.” (See stalking report as linked above).

FICTION: The night the wildlife cam showed the “stalker”, Morgan was terrified.

FACT“Steve and I look at the photos ourselves for a longest time after the Deputies have left. Mercifully Morgan has slept through it all, he was focused on our closet and he doesn’t know she is back in her room”  This is from Toni’s own blog.  However, in the police report she states it was Morgan who texted her with the information about rocks being thrown at her window: “She said that Morgan sent her text messages saying that she was afraid and she could hear rocks being thrown at her window.  Toni said that Morgan came to her bedroom and then they heard some noise at the back of the home.”

[screenshot removed – DMCA TakeDown Notice]

FICTION:  Toni refers to Morgan being warm to the touch more than once, when she found her the morning of her death :  “Touching her on the shoulder she was warm even though it had not been covered up”  and  “The 911 operator told me that she needed to be on something firm, the floor, and I helped Steve move her. I saw my daughter blue, I could not bear to look at her eyes so I looked down to the floor at her feet, and grasped her ankles to feel her warmth.”

[screenshot removed – DMCA TakeDown Notice]

FACT:  From the death report:

“While in route, dispatch advised that a 20 year female was non-responsive and that CPR was in progress. Dispatch then advised that the female party was cold to the touch, blue in the face, and her jaw was locked. At this point I was in route from the 105 mile mark east bound Interstate 70. Detective LeMoine copied the call as it came over the radio and advised that he was in route at approximately 0628 hours” and “Steven advised that he went into Morgan’s bedroom and observed her on the bed. Steven advised that he tried to wake Morgan up and she was not responding. Steven advised that he took Morgan and laid her on the floor next to her bed and tried performing CPR.

Steven advised he tried to give Morgan mouth to mouth but her jaw was locked and she was very cold.

FICTION:  How Morgan was found, at what time, and where the various parties were at the time of discovery.  From Toni’s blog:  “Steve remembers getting out of bed after 5:30 AM. He has been awake for a while and decides to make it official. He makes coffee and sits at the kitchen table reading over plans. His current project is at the state where, no mistakes comes with an explanation mark, and he reviews the details. I lie awake before 6:00 AM and the smell of Steve’s coffee is too much, I get up, pull on a fuzzy, warm robe and join him in the kitchen for just a second, I then had a thought pass through my mind, why hasn’t Morgan woken me up yet to take out her puppy?”

[screenshot removed – DMCA TakeDown Notice]

FACT:  As seen in the death report“I contacted Steven Ingram, (father) sitting on the couch in the living room area. Steven advised that Toni went into Morgan’s room at approximately 0615 hours.  Steven advised that Toni came running into their bedroom and advised him that Morgan wouldn’t wake up.” and “I responded and met with Toni and Steve at the neighbor’s house, 52 Corral Dr Carbondale, CO. I first met with Toni. Below is what Toni told me about the events that led up to her finding Morgan dead. Toni stated:

That in regards to the stalker, the night prior to finding Morgan was quiet.

That she woke up in the morning and made coffee.”


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