Autopsy Request Form

November 29, 2012 by truthformorgan

Below is the transcribed autopsy request form followed by the form itself scanned and uploaded.


County Requesting Examination:  Garfield County

Examination Authorized by:  Thomas Walton


Decedent’s Name:  Morgan Ingram

Date of Birth:  August 16, 1991

Date of Death:  Found December 2, 2011

Time of Death/Time Last Seen Alive:  Unknown.  Approx 9:30 pm 12/01/2011

Time Pronounced Dead:  8:15 am

Pronounced Dead by:  Thomas Walton

Location/Address of Body When Pronounced:  62 Corral Dr. Carbondale, CO

Law Enforcement Agency Investigating Death:  Garfield County Sheriff


Official:  Eric Ashworth, Rob Glassmire, Don Brier

Circumstances Surrounding Death (attach separate sheet if needed):  Dispatch needed a coroner to respond to 62 Corral Dr on a 20-year-old female found unresponsive and lying face down in her bed and she was fully clothed.  Her mother found her and noticed she was cold, stiff and blue.  Her father came in and placed her on the floor to perform CPR and called 911.  when Rob Glassmire talked to the parents, they informed him for the past two mths, she had a stalker come to the house and the sheriff’s office has been investigating the case sense (sic).  The mother informed Det. Glassmire that Morgan went out on Thursday night with her friends and her parents tried to call her but she wouldn’t return their phone calls and they got worried.  Morgan got home around 9:30 pm and went straight to her room.  She got in a big argument with her mother about going out.  She does take meds (propranolol, amitriptyline, gabapentin) for her heart and her abdominal pain.  Det. Glassmire was told she has used cocaine and does have a medical marijuana form.  The parents informed the detectives she has been very depressed for the past few weeks and has stopped doing her favorite activities.

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