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November 28, 2012 by truthformorgan

(Opening and clips from the show)

ANNOUNCER:  All new today, police say it was suicide.

DR. PHIL:  Is it possible she accidentally overdosed?

TONI:  No.  Morgan was murdered by a young girl and her ex-boyfriend.

ANNOUNCER:  A Dr. Phil mystery.

TONI:  They came in her room and I think they injected her and they killed her.

ANNOUNCER:  Did stalkers –

DR. PHIL:  The evidence you have on the camera, how can you tell that’s a female?

ANNOUNCER:  – murder their daughter?

DR. PHIL:  What is your proof?

TONI:  We have evidence, but we’re parents, we’re not investigators.

DR. PHIL:  But you’re also accusers.  You’ve said, “These people murdered my daughter.”

ANNOUNCER:  Now, the accused come face-to-face with Morgan’s parents.

DR. PHIL:  These people believe that you have been involved in the murder of their daughter.  What do you say?

BROOKE:  I say where’s the proof?

DR. PHIL:  Did you or did you not kill this girl?

BROOKE:  I did not kill this girl.

TONI:  They stalked her and killed her.

(end of opening)


DR. PHIL:  Well, today we are going to make an effort to unravel a real-life mystery with lots of twists and turns, and harsh accusations surrounding the tragic death of a beautiful young girl.  Toni and Steve believe their 20-year-old daughter, Morgan, was stalked.  They say the stalkers threw rocks at Morgan’s windows, crept through the yard at all hours, followed her in the their car, and even peeked through her bathroom window.  Now, Toni and Steve were determined to catch the alleged stalkers in the act, setting up motion-sensitive surveillance equipment in which they collected evidence that includes grainy video of someone in their driveway.  Now, Toni and Steve say they were in such fear for their daughter’s safety, they called police nearly 50 times.  But, on the morning of December 2nd, 2011, Toni went into Morgan’s bedroom and found her lifeless and unresponsive, even after dad Steve performed CPR.  Parents Toni and Steve are convinced Morgan’s death was no accident.

(excerpts from off set interviews)

TONI:  Our daughter was murdered by her stalkers.  She was stalked for 4 months.  We couldn’t figure out who was doing this to her, and we were – we were so scared.  Morgan was so terrified.  We found footprints outside Morgan’s window.  Somebody stood right up against her window, with his face up against her window.

STEVE:  The stalkers seemed to know our every move.

TONI:  She was followed in the car.  He showed up at the house.  She would fall asleep and think, OK, it’s going to be fine, and then 2 in the morning she’d get banging on the window again.

STEVE:  Morgan was being terrorized.

TONI:  Sometimes it would be quiet for a few days, and then it would start again.  Morgan even saw a guy in dark clothing show up at the house.  The stalker turned our lives upside down.  It was horrific.  We called the sheriff’s department over 50 times.

STEVE:  I felt like I couldn’t protect my daughter.  It felt like the police were hopeless.  We installed video cameras and we caught the stalker on the camera leaning against my truck, watching the police drive away.

TONI:  Another time we caught him on the surveillance cameras walking down the street past Morgan’s room.  We were in constant fear of what was going to happen to Morgan.  One morning I went and I knocked on her door, and she didn’t answer and I shook her shoulder and she didn’t respond.

STEVE:  I just knew something was wrong.  I thought – I knew something was – I knew something was really wrong.

TONI:  He’s saying, “Morgan, take the breath out of me, please, breathe,” and he couldn’t get her to breathe.

STEVE:  I knew that she was dead.  I knew she wasn’t going to come back, and my thought was what do I tell Toni?  How do I tell Toni that Morgan’s dead?

TONI:  It was a parent’s worst nightmare.

(end of off set interviews)

DR. PHIL:  Well, Toni and Steve say they are furious with the investigation.  They say they know who’s responsible for allegedly stalking and killing Morgan, but they’re frustrated because no one’s been arrested and the police don’t even believe a crime was committed.

(excerpts from off set interviews)

TONI:  They performed an autopsy on Morgan.  What I believe happened is multiple people broke into the house, forced Morgan to drink a concoction of prescription date rape drugs.

STEVE:  There was antidepressants and muscle relaxants and all sorts of drugs mixed together.

TONI:  The coroner’s office said she had a lethal level of this antidepressant in her body.

STEVE:  They ruled Morgan’s death a suicide.

TONI:  There’s no way Morgan committed suicide.  She was murdered.

JIM BENEMANN:  (from newscast)  Now the coroner called it a suicide, but her parents say she had been stalked and then murdered.  Now they want that investigation reopened.

TONI:  I need an investigation opened to find out what happened to my daughter.

JIM BENEMANN:  (from newscast)  The parents say police aren’t doing anything to track down the killer.

TONI:  The detective and the coroner’s office have completely dropped the ball on this.

JEFF TODD:  (from newscast)  Sheriff’s office says it’s investigation is not moving forward because there aren’t enough facts, while the family says that’s because the detective didn’t do a good job.

STEVE:  An absolute miscarriage of justice has been done in the death and in the stalking of my daughter.

JEFF TODD:  The sheriff’s office says they visited the neighborhood nearly 50 times in a 4-month span and never found any sign of a stalker.

STEVE:  She was murdered and we believe we know 100 percent who is responsible.

TONI:  I absolutely know who killed my daughter.  Morgan was murdered by a young girl down the street, Brooke, and her ex-boyfriend.

(end of off stage excerpts)

DR. PHIL:  OK, first, let me say I am sorry for your loss.

TONI:  Thank you.

DR. PHIL:  I just cannot even imagine how you must feel.  So, accept my condolences for that.

TONI:  I do.  Thank you very much.

STEVE:  No, thank you.

DR. PHIL:  And this happened in December.

STEVE:  Yes.

TONI:  December 2nd I found her body.

DR. PHIL:  So you think these stalkers ultimately trapped her in her bedroom.

TONI:  Right.

DR. PHIL:  And took her life.

TONI:  Right.

DR. PHIL:  What a delightful young woman.

TONI:  She was amazing.

DR. PHIL:  Why her?

TONI:  Any maybe that’s why.  Maybe that’s why.  I can’t seem to get into the mind of somebody that can even do this.  I can’t seem to bring myself into the mind of somebody that has no humanity, that would even want to stalk somebody, no less kill them.

DR. PHIL:  All right.  Well, let’s talk about what you define as stalking.

STEVE:  There was tapping against her window.  So it was a really –

DR. PHIL:  Wow, at her bedroom.

STEVE:  Yeah.  At her bedroom window.  So we went out Saturday morning to trim the branches back from her windows, and –

TONI:  There were no branches.

STEVE:  We stood there and looked, and our mouths were wide open and there were no branches within 10 or 15 feet.

DR. PHIL:  And – and you rigged your property with surveillance cameras to catch them in the act.

STEVE:  Yes.

DR. PHIL:  And we see here the evidence you have on the cameras.  It’s a grainy figure, but clearly this is a person, and then here’s a second one, someone walking through the snow and –

TONI:  Which is a female.

DR. PHIL:  How can you tell that’s a female?

TONI:  Well, on our cameras it’s a lot clearer.

DR. PHIL:  All right, so –

TONI:  She’s marching.

DR. PHIL:  And then the third one looked like somebody walking around on the sidewalk or something.  And you called the police on 50 different occasions.

TONI:  We didn’t call every single time.

DR. PHIL:  Right.

TONI:  Which we should’ve, probably.

DR. PHIL:  Right.   They never questioned anybody, they never talked to anyone on the premises there.  Next, Toni tells us why she’s pointing the finger at an 18-year-old girl named Brooke and her ex-boyfriend.  We’re going to find out what makes mom say she’s certain that they are actually responsible for killing her daughter, Morgan.  We’ll be right back.


(excerpts from off set interview)

TONI:  I believe Brooke and her ex-boyfriend both stalked and terrorized and murdered my daughter.

STEVE:  I’ve been told by 3 people that Brooke, when talking about Morgan, said that “That bitch is going to get it some day.”



(excerpts from off set interview)

STEVE:  I know there was a stalker because there was footprints outside the house I have photographed.  I have images on camera.  There’s a gutter over Morgan’s window that has a cracked tear in it and it’s exactly where the stalked would’ve been leaning to bang on her window.  There’s no doubt there was a stalker.

(end excerpts from off set interview)

DR. PHIL:  Well, it’s a mystery that has a lot of people divided about how beautiful, 20-year-old daughter Morgan died.  Parents Steve and Toni believe she was harassed by stalkers, who then drugged her to death.  Take a look.

(excerpts from off set interview)

TONI:  I believe Brooke and her ex-boyfriend both stalked, terrorized and murdered my daughter.  Brooke was in the room that night when Morgan was killed.

STEVE:  Brooke hated Morgan.  I’ve been told by 3 people that Brooke, when talking about Morgan, said that “That bitch is going to get it someday”

TONI:  Morgan didn’t want anything to do with her and it angered her.  And I believe she was also very jealous of Morgan.

STEVE:  Brooke has a violent temper.  She’s been arrested numerous times for fighting with people, for beating people up.

TONI:  Her temper just took hold.  I believe that Brooke is definitely crazy.

STEVE:  Brooke and her ex-boyfriend need to know that that was a desperate move, and they took something very beautiful from this world.

TONI:  I believe that Brooke’s dad, James, knew what was going on.  I think he condoned it and he thought it was funny that his daughter and her boyfriend were terrorizing Morgan.  I definitely believe James is an accomplice in Morgan’s murder.  They definitely are murders because they murdered Morgan.  And I don’t know whether they’ve done it before, but I’ll tell you right now I’m sure they’re going to do it again if they get away with this.

(end of off set excerpts)

DR. PHIL:  Those are very bold statements.

TONI:  Yes.

DR. PHIL:  I mean, you are accusing this young girl, Brooke, of murder.

TONI:  Yes.

DR. PHIL:  You are saying that her father was involved in it.

TONI:  That he knew about it, right.

DR. PHIL:  That, well, that’s involvement.  And you think her ex-boyfriend, Keenan –

TONI:  Right.

DR. PHIL:  – was involved in it, correct?

TONI:  Yes, absolutely.  He was the – the male figure in the stalking.

DR. PHIL:  That’s who you believe we’re seeing –

TONI:  Exactly.

DR. PHIL:  – right here.  What is your proof that this is Brooke, Keenan, and her father?

TONI:  We have footprints going back to her house in the snow after somebody walked around the house in that video.  He (pointing at Steve) went out with a sheriff and they followed the footprints (laughing).  And their footprints went back to her house.  So, that was kind of strange.  I mean, of course it could be somebody else walking to her house.  The – we have videos of somebody running by Morgan’s room, going the direction of Brooke’s house and stopping, and then a few minutes later running back again past the house.  We had neighbors spotting suspicious behavior with Keenan, her boyfriend, pulling into her driveway and not wanting to get out and show what he was taking out of the car.

DR. PHIL:  Someone running in the direction of Brooke’s house, that – that goes a far cry from somebody – from saying that means somebody stalked my daughter, came to our house, got into the house, and somehow got my daughter to ingest –

TONI:  Or injected with her.

DR. PHIL:  – massive levels of toxic chemicals –

TONI:  Right.

DR. PHIL:  – to end her life and then made it out, and you don’t have any of that egress on camera.


TONI:  We do the night of her murder.  We actually have a figure running from the back of our house to the front of our house.

DR. PHIL:  But you don’t have anybody going in and out the window.

TONI:  No, no, no.

DR. PHIL:  You didn’t hear anything down there?

TONI:  The cameras were not pointed at the windows.

DR. PHIL:  Why would yo not – if you’ve got 18 cameras and the window to – she’s the target, why would you not have 16 of 18 of those cameras trained on that window?

TONI:  We had 6 cameras and we were constantly moving them around because he kept avoiding the cameras.  So, we had 6 at that time outside the house.

DR. PHIL:  But you’d want to protect her window.

TONI:  Right, so what we would do –

STEVE:  Her window always had a camera on it.

TONI:  Her window had it –

STEVE:  Her window had multiple –

DR. PHIL:  Well, then how would you not have someone going in and out that window the night she –

TONI:  They didn’t go in the window.

STEVE:  They didn’t go in and out the window.

TONI:  They didn’t go through the window.

DR. PHIL:  So how did they get in the house?

TONI:  Through the door.  We had a punch pad with a keypad with 4 digits on the front door, and throughout  4 months we kept hearing in the middle of the night, we could hear dink, donk, donk, because it make a kind of a clunky noise.  If you’re awake, you can hear it.  If you’re asleep, you’re not going to hear it.  And we heard this multiple times.  We told the sheriffs and I said, “Should we get rid of that lock?”  They said, “No, it’s a nice, heavy-duty lock.  Keep that lock.”  That was the wrong thing to do.

DR. PHIL:  Do you have any evidence of Brooke, Keenan, or Jim – or anyone – going in or out of your house the night that your daughter lost her life?

TONI:  We have evidence, pieces on him.

DR. PHIL:Because if you’ve got it –

TONI:  Yes.

DR. PHIL:  – man, I’ll drive you down there.


TONI:  We’re not investigators.  We’re parents.  That’s the problem.

DR. PHIL:  I understand, but you’ve got to –

TONI:  We’re not supposed to talk –

DR. PHIL:  – empower the investigation.

STEVE:  Right, no, I understand.

TONI:  We know that.

STEVE:  This is a very complex case.

TONI:  We know that.

DR. PHIL:  Hold that thought for one second.  We’re going to talk with the teen girl that these folks accuse of breaking into Morgan’s bedroom and drugging her the night that she died.  We’ll be right back.


(excerpts from off set interview)

BROOKE:  Toni is saying that I poisoned her daughter, and I don’t even know how I would have done that.

JIM:  I don’t see how that could’ve happened.

BROOKE:  Toni is blatantly accusing me of a murder that never happened.

(commercial break)


(excerpts from off set interview)

TONI:  With my blog and my website, I started it to try to get enough public interest to get the case opened.  I started a petition drive to the governor.  I want him to know that the ball has been dropped here.  I will take this all the way to the White House.  I will never stop.  We have to keep fighting for justice for your child.  I mention people’s names, I talk about Brooke, I talk about her father, James.  I talk about her ex-boyfriend.  I think it’s very important for people to know who these characters are, to see what they did.  We have to tell more of Morgan’s story.

STEVE:  There’s a select group of critics who are all traced back to Brooke, her ex-boyfriend.

TONI:  They want to shut down my blog and they don’t want the truth to come out.

(end of off set excerpts)

DR. PHIL:  Well, Steve and Toni believe their 20-year-old daughter, Morgan, was terrorized by stalkers who broke into her bedroom and drugged her to death.  Now Toni names the people she believes are responsible in a daily blog she posts on the Internet.  One of them wanted to be here today to defend against what she insists are false accusations.  Take a look.

(excerpts from off set interviews)

BROOKE:  Morgan and I were pretty good friends for about 6 months, and then we drifted apart.

TONI:  Brooke and Morgan never had a friendship.  Never.

BROOKE:  The first time I heard that I was being accused of murder was in Toni’s blog.  Toni is saying that I poisoned her daughter, and I don’t even know how I would’ve done that.

JIM:  I don’t think she was murdered.  There’s no evidence of that.  With cameras around the house, security systems, the parents home, I don’t see how that could’ve happened.

TONI:  There’s no doubt in my mind it was anything but murder.

JIM:  Toni and Steve are accusing me of being an accomplice in Morgan’s death.  Toni is saying that because I was the president of the HOA, that I would have keys to their house.  It’s absurd.  They have no evidence whatsoever.

TONI:  We have enough circumstantial and physical evidence to prove that they murdered Morgan.

BROOKE:  Toni is blatantly accusing me of a murder that never happened.

JIM:  Toni and Steve are really affecting our family and they need to stop.

BROOKE:  It makes me scared for my life.  People reading the blog, somebody could be crazy enough to come after me.

TONI:  I am not trying to do after anybody with the blog.  I’m not stalking anybody with the blog.  I’m just telling the truth.

(end of off set interview excerpts)

DR. PHIL:  I’m interested in what proof you have to implicate Brooke, Keenan, and Jim in the death of your daughter.  What is the hard proof?

TONI:  OK.  First, I want to say that we’re parents, we’re not investigators.

DR. PHIL:  But you’re also accusers.  You went public and said, “These people murdered my daughter.”

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  What is your proof?

TONI:  I believe that the stalkers – and I know that they’re the stalkers – did this to her.  I don’t believe some stranger just came up that night and broke in.

DR. PHIL:  No, I understand.  I’m just asking you what is your proof?

TONI:  Oh, and Jim saying what he said that morning made me realize that he’s trying to protect his daughter again.  Brooke – Morgan said all along Keenan was her stalker.

DR. PHIL:  Yeah, but you don’t have – you have a belief and I believe a lot in maternal instinct.

TONI:  Mh-hmm.  Right.

DR. PHIL:  I mean, I’m married to a mom.

TONI:  I know.

DR. PHIL:  And I get that and how strongly you can believe that.  But, basically, you don’t have any proof.  You can’t put her in the house.  You can’t put him in the house.  You don’t have DNA.  You don’t have a footprint.  You don’t have a picture.  You don’t have a fingerprint.  You don’t have a witness.

TONI:  In her room?  We don’t have any of that –

DR. PHIL:  You don’t in the house.

TONI:  – because they did not take anything out of her room.

DR. PHIL:  OK.  You didn’t see them.

TONI:  So if I have an investigator come in, I still have some things.  And an investigator might be able to do that.

DR. PHIL:  Sure.

TONI:  But I can’t do it; I’m not an investigator.

DR. PHIL:  OK.  So you basically have no proof.

TONI:  No.  I just have a picture of a person running from the back of the house to the front of the house in the middle of the night.


TONI:  And ducking behind our neighbor’s car.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  I do have that.

DR. PHIL:  OK, got you.  We’ve been talking about them like they’re not here, but they are here.

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  Eighteen-year-old Broke and her dad Jim are here.  Y’all, this isn’t an ambush.  Y’all know they’re here, correct?

TONI:  No, we know, we know.

STEVE:  Yeah.

DR. PHIL:  And so we’re going to be respectful and conduct ourselves in an appropriate way.

TONI:  Oh, sure.

DR. PHIL:  So I’m going to ask them to come out and join us now.  (to Brooke and Jim) Brooke, Jim.  How you doing?

BROOKE:  Hi.  Nice to meet you.

DR. PHIL:  Have a seat.  Y’all have a seat.  These people believe, and I think sincerely and to the core of their soul, that you have been directly involved in the murder of their daughter.  They believe that you have entered their home and caused their daughter to either ingest or be injected with toxic substances that caused her heart to seize, her brain to shut down, and her life to end.


DR. PHIL:  And that you either knew it or helped to cover it up.  What do you say?

BROOKE:  I say there’s the proof?  I did not kill Morgan.

DR. PHIL:  Did you have any reason to kill this girl?

BROOKE:  I don’t see why I would have, no.

DR. PHIL:  Are you involved in this, Jim, in the murder of these people’s daughter, Morgan?

JIM:  Absolutely not.

DR. PHIL:  You didn’t cover it up?  You’re not involved with it in any way?

JIM:  No way at all.

DR. PHIL:  Do you believe your daughter when she says she did not murder their daughter?

JIM:  I do.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.  Do you believe that she stalked or harassed them in any way?

JIM:  I don’t believe that at all.

DR. PHIL:  Uh-huh.  Did you stalk her in any way?  Did you harass her?  Did you ring and run?  Did you tap on her window?  Did you terrorize her, scare her, bug her in any way?

BROOKE:  I did not.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.  They believe that they actually have you captured on camera.

BROOKE:  I don’t know.  Unless I was walking in the street – which because I had to walk past their house to get out of the neighborhood, then no, they should not have anything of me.

DR. PHIL:  And I understand that you are involved with the homeowners’ association and that therefore you have keys to all the houses in the neighborhood?

JIM:  I was the president at one point.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

JIM:  But no, we don’t have keys to the houses for the HOA purposes.

TONI:  Then why did you say that to Steve then?

JIM:  I would’ve never said that.

TONI:  But you did.

JIM:  I did not.  I have no idea what you’re talking about.

DR. PHIL:  How do you feel about being accused of murder on a blog, on the Internet, by name?

BROOKE:  It’s hurtful  I mean, it’s vicious and I don’t understand where it’s coming from.

DR. PHIL:  You believe that she hated your daughter enough that she wanted her dead?

TONI:  I do.  I do believe.

DR. PHIL:  That she wanted her dead?

TONI:  I think she had – I can’t get into people’s minds.  I know, Brooke, that you have issues.  I’ve been told that you’re on medication, when you do off of it, you get violent.  (Brooke looks startled and confused)  I know the year before Morgan’s stalking started, that you beat up your girlfriend.  Morgan told me the whole story.  You were under 18, so I don’t have the police report on that.  (Brooke shakes her head in disbelief)

DR, PHIL:  If you folks think that she murdered your daughter, we need to talk about the evidence that she murdered your daughter.

TONI:  Well, Morgan confirmed that Keenan was the stalker.  Keenan was living with Brooke at the time.

DR. PHIL:  OK.  Well, again, Keenan being a stalker –

TONI:  No, I agree.

DR. PHIL:  – Brooke getting in your house and killing your daughter are two distinctly different things.

TONI:  I agree, but then in between that time, if she’s setting up alibis for him, what is that all about?  Do you set up alibis for somebody if you’re not involved and you know nothing about it?  And how come all the other neighbors in the neighborhood who had daughters that they were worried about, were worried?  And they came to us and they were worried, and they were checking with the sheriffs.  These people never worried.  They never asked any questions.  They lied instead.  Your wife –

JIM:  Do you know that I didn’t worry?

DR. PHIL:  OK, we’ve got to take a break.

TONI:  Oh, come on.

JIM:  I have a daughter.  I have 2 daughters in the neighborhood.

TONI:  You never did.  That’s why I’m wondering.

DR. PHIL:  Next, what happened when Toni and her daughter, Morgan, the night before she died.

TONI:  Why did you not worry?

DR. PHIL:  Brooke says Toni is trying to cover her guilt by accusing others.  We’ll be right back.


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(clip from off set interview)

TONI:  James needs to know that we are never going to stop and that I think that as a parent, he has failed so miserably, and how dare he, how dare he do this?  They have a daughter that says nasty things – everybody knows who she is and what she’s done, and they try to protect her.

(end clip)

DR. PHIL:  Well, we’ve heard two different accounts of how 20-year-old Morgan might have died.  The coroner’s report determined it was suicide and the police closed the case.  Parents Steve and Toni believe that she was stalked and then murdered.  They believe 18-year-old Brooke is responsible and her dad, Jim, is an accomplice.  But Brooke and Jim say they’re falsely accused and are here today to clear their names.  In fact, the two of you believe that you, in fact, are being stalked by these people.

JIM:  Yes.

TONI:  You don’t have to go on the blog and read it.  Every single thing I’ve put on that blog is true.  It’s true on a daily basis.  I have not sat on that blog and said, “OK, now this is the night Morgan got murdered” because we’re not there yet.  I will get there eventually.  And I haven’t said Brooke snuck in with Keenan and murdered Morgan.  I haven’t said that yet, have I?

DR. PHIL:  Well, you’ve said it today.

TONI: Oh, yes.  Today I’ve said it.  Not on the blog, though.  I haven’t said it on the blog.

DR. PHIL:  You said it here, that you believe she murdered your daughter.

TONI:  I do.

DR. PHIL:  Um, and I’ve been through the pathology reports.

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  And –

TONI:  The first one, which was natural causes.

DR. PHIL:  Right.

TONI:  And 8 months later, suicide.

DR. PHIL:  Now you have a consultant that says that if in fact there was this evidence of stalking, he says that this case was not handled properly –

TONI:  Correct.

DR. PHIL:  – by the police from the very beginning, correct?

TONI:  Right.

STEVE:  Yes.

DR. PHIL:  What I didn’t see in any of those reports was any trauma to –

TONI:  To the body.

DR. PHIL:  – to the body that –

TONI:  Because they didn’t check.  This is what they said when they cleared the scene.  “No sign of breaking and entering.  No sign of suicide.  No sign of sexual assault.  No sign of a struggle.”

STEVE:  “Foul play.”

TONI:  “Or foul play”, yeah.  That’s what they said and they said this is a mystery until we got the toxicology results.

DR. PHIL:  Is it possible that she accidentally overdosed?

TONI:  No.  Do you know how many drugs were in her body?  There were drugs that we never had in our house.  She could’ve gone into our cabinet anytime and taken out sleeping pills and killed herself.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  There were no drugs – there were no pills, no remnants of pills, in her stomach.  So it was liquid form.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  And it was things that she never, ever had.

DR. PHIL:  But your daughter did have some interaction with recreational drugs, correct?

TONI:  Some interaction with recreational drugs?

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  I’m not – I have no idea.  She was – she was getting – she was helping people get off drugs.  So I don’t know what you mean by that.

DR. PHIL:  Did she drink?

TONI:  She did drink occasionally.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  Usually she was the designated driver.  She didn’t even do that kind of stuff.

DR. PHIL:  But in her personal effects, they found a bottle of vodka.

TONI:  No.  the – no, no, no.  That’s wrong.  I pulled out my car – the car that Morgan and I shared, into the street and left it unlocked so that the EMTs could drive up the driveway, and when I did that, her ex-boyfriend, who had just gotten back from Australia, came over, opened the door to my car, and threw his backpack in there.  And in the backpack was vodka, beer, and all his stuff.  I don’t even know what else was in there.  So one officer wrote down that Morgan had a backpack in the car with vodka and beer.

DR. PHIL:  Well, I’m just telling you what I read.

TONI:  Oh, no, no.  I know.  I understand.

DR, PHIL:  Because I looked at all of this stuff.

STEVE:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  I know.

DR. PHIL:  I looked at all of this.

STEVE:  Yeah.

TONI:  You know, I didn’t even read the police reports until they were given to me by the –

DR. PHIL:  So you know friend had said that she had experimented with cocaine.

TONI:  Once, yes.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.  So that’s what I mean by recreational drugs.

TONI:  And I wasn’t there, and I asked – right.

STEVE:  I know.  We’re aware of that.

TONI:  And I asked that person.  I asked – right.

DR. PHIL:  Well, that’s why I’m asking.  You said, “No, no, no, what do you mean?”  I’m telling you what I mean.

TONI:  And – well, and I’m telling you why because I asked that person.  I said, “Did you see her actually do that?”  And he goes, “No, but she was with me and I did it, so I assumed she did it.”  I go, “That’s a little bit different story.  You have to explain exactly what you saw.”

DR. PHIL:  And there was a marijuana pipe –

TONI:  Which is not hers.  And the person took it that came over to the house afterward.  Just like the backpack.  They saw the – they saw the little card inside with the name and they gave it back to the person.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.  She did not have a medicinal marijuana prescription?

TONI:  She did, she did, she did.  She went off all pills 2 years before.

DR. PHIL:  But that wasn’t hers?

TONI:  No.  She did have a medical marijuana permit.  She did.

DR. PHIL:  That wasn’t her pipe?

TONI:  That was not her pipe, no.


TONI:  It wasn’t.

DR. PHIL:  So she had medicinal marijuana.

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  But they found a vodka bottle and it wasn’t hers.

TONI:  Wasn’t hers.

DR. PHIL:  Found beer and it wasn’t hers.

TONI:  Wasn’t hers.

DR. PHIL:  There was cocaine, but she – nobody actually saw her take it.

TONI:  Nobody actually saw her take it.

DR. PHIL:  OK.  Was your daughter on antidepressants?

TONI:  No, she was not.

DR. PHIL:  She had not been on antidepressants?

TONI:  No!  Ever in her life.  Never in her life.  She was never on antidepressants for depression.  She was on a prescription years ago that she went off 2 years ago, 2 years before, and it was a super low dose and it was for headaches.  Had nothing to do with depression.

DR. PHIL:  What was it?

TONI:  It was amitriptyline.

DR. PHIL:  And what did she overdose on?

TONI:  She overdosed on amitriptyline, but no pills.  And the dose was so high, so high, they had to find pills.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  And I just found out – I didn’t even know.  I have a horse – Morgan had a horse.  I didn’t even know they have liquid and transdermal amitriptyline for horses.

DR. PHIL:  Right.  (to Brooke) Do you work with horses?

BROOKE:  I used to when I was younger, a lot younger.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.  Do you now?


DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.  (to Jim) Do you?

JIM:  No.

TONI:  (to Brooke)  Does your mom still work at the ranch?


TONI:  When did she stop working a the ranch?

JIM:  Last summer or Spring.

BROOKE:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  So 6 months after Morgan died.

JIM:  I would say, yeah.

Brooke:  Mm-hmm.

TONI:  And the ranch was right behind out house.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

JIM:  So maybe mom had something to do with this, as well?

TONI:  No.  I’m not saying that she came in the house and killed her.  I’m just saying that she had access to things.  That’s right.  I’m sorry.

DR. PHIL:  And, by the way, we invited Brooke’s ex, Keenan, who is accused by Toni in her blog –

TONI:  Right.

DR. PHIL:  – to appear along with his mother, and they declined our invitation; however, Keenan completely denies any involvement and gave us this statement through the family attorney:  “Keenan and his parents regret they were unable to participate in the Dr, Phil show.  The family would like to express their deepest condolences to Toni and Steve for the loss of their daughter.  They hope they seek professional help in dealing with Morgan’s death, so the parties affected negatively by their blogging can put his unfortunate period behind them.”  So, they did make that statement –

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  – and make a complete denial.

JIM:  And additionally, sir, we feel the same way.  You know, I mean, we were neighbors for 4 years.

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

JIM:  I’d see your daughter out in the neighborhood a couple of times.

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

JIM:  It’s a horrible thing.  I don’t know what I would do if I lost her or my other daughter.

TONI:  Or be stalked, or how about stalking for 4 months?

JIM:  Yeah, and I’m – you know, we’ve – I feel terrible for you guys.  You know, I wish you would have come and spoken to me at some point about this.

TONI:  Jim, you knew what was going on.  The police – the sheriffs were at your house.  You guys knew what was going on.

JIM:  Right, we did.

TONI:  You were 3 houses down.

JIM:  That’s when  we were being accused and investigated in this, you know.

TONI:  Right.

JIM:  But I’m more worried about her safety now, because of this blog and the allegations that are made.  People believe this stuff and it scares the heck out of me.

DR. PHIL:  Mm-hmm.

JIM:  You know, personally, yeah, it’s caused me a lot of sleepless nights recently, now that I’ve started to look at the information in the blog.  Reading it kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach.

DR. PHIL:  I understand you two have actually been to court.

BROOKE:  Mm-hmm.

JIM:  Yes.

DR. PHIL:  And you have gotten a restraining order against these people.

JIM:  Yeah.


JIM:  And –

TONI:  Right.  That was for the temporary restraining order.

JIM:  Right.

TONI:  Not a permanent one.

JIM:  Correct.

TONI:  Just to talk about it and then you talked about the Dr. Phil show and that you felt comfortable being on the stage with us, and the allegations were of the blog, that it was causing you emotional distress.  You guys are not required to go on that blog and read it at all, and I am not going to take that blog down.

DR. PHIL:  You and your daughter had had some discord the night that she came home, true?

TONI:  We did not get in a fight.  What happened was for 4 hours I couldn’t reach her on her cellphone, and I was in a panic because we were constantly in contact.  She had a stalker, people, a vicious stalker for 4 months.  None of us were getting sleep.  It was horrible.  It was horrible.  And her phone had died.  So finally, when she did come home at 9:00 at night, she walked in and I walked out to meet her with pepper spray, and I started lecturing her about keeping her phone charged, and she said one word to me, a nasty word, and she walked into her bedroom.  She said she was tired.  That was it.  I walked into my bedroom.  There was no fight.  And then he went in and talked to her.

DR. PHIL:  Well, she called you a name.

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  She was upset.

TONI:  Mm-hmm, because I was lecturing her.

DR. PHIL:  And you said you came out to meet her with pepper spray.

TONI:  I did.

DR. PHIL:  Not for her; in case somebody was following.

TONI:  Of course not.  I always met her in the driveway.

DR. PHIL:  Well. I want to be clear.  You weren’t going to pepper spray her.  You were –

TONI:  I always met her in the driveway.

STEVE:  No, no.

DR. PHIL:  Yeah, but she did call you a name.

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  So you guys did have words.

TONI:  No, we didn’t have words.

DR. PHIL:  You had a word.

TONI:  I lectured her, and she yelled at me and she walked in her room.  It was not a big deal.

DR. PHIL:  Well, it sounds like words to me.  All right.  Next, we’re going to meet Morgan’s teenage cousin, who was with her just days before her death.  Plus, when word got out we were doing a show about Morgan’s mysterious death, the Internet and blogosphere lit up.  One mom, who follows Toni’s blog, says the evidence just doesn’t add up.  We’ll be right back.


(off set interview clip)

CAMILLE:  She just loved life.  Morgan was the happiest, healthiest person I could think of.  If Morgan were alive today, she would want people to know what happened to her and who did it.

(commercial break)


(off set interview clip)

STEVE:  It’s hard to explain how much I miss Morgan, because I don’t know if it’s going to change in 20 years.  She’s still everywhere, in everything.  It’s hard to see anything that is a part of Morgan and not think of Morgan.

(end of off set clip)

DR. PHIL:  What do you think happened in her room that night?

TONI:  I do believe – we were gone for 2 hours.  The dogs were locked up.  Somebody came in the house, and they stayed in the house, and they hid out in the house or they came back later and unlocked the door.  And I believe they came in her room and I think they subdued her.  Her right hand had definitely – definite wounds on that, that she tried to protect herself.  I believe they either injected her or poured it down her throat, and they killed her.  They also found a burn mark on this wrist, her left wrist, which Steve also researched  – it’s just like we have to research constantly.

STEVE:  Yeah.

TONI:  Showing that a lot of times when people do that, they’ll burn somebody to see if they react, because it could be like playing possum, and they leave and then that person wakes up again, and goes and gets help.  So, it’s a very –

DR. PHIL:  And you totally discount the fact that this could’ve been an accidental overdose or a suicide.

TONI:  Totally.  There’s just absolutely no way.  She didn’t even have those kind of drugs to get to.  I mean, we had drugs she could’ve killed herself with.

DR. PHIL:    Well, if Brooke could get them –

TONI:  Mm-hmm.

DR. PHIL:  – why couldn’t she get them?

TONI:  We didn’t have them in our house.  Morgan could’ve used what we had in our house to do it.  She didn’t have those in her system.  These are drugs I’ve never even heard of, and so somebody else got those drugs.

DR. PHIL:  But she had a prescription for it for years, you said, for –

TONI:  Mm-hmm.  The one drug.

DR. PHIL:  For –

TONI:  We had 12 little pills at 25 mg.  That wouldn’t have even done anything.  That’s all.  I believe that they stalked her, terrorized her, and killed her.

DR. PHIL:  Do you think that right now, if you took this to court, you have enough evidence to convict her?

STEVE:  No.  No.

TONI:  That’s why we want an investigation.  The blog is all about getting real people to investigate this.  People write in to me on a daily basis, how this blog is helping them, including law enforcement agencies.

DR. PHIL:  OK.  Well, we have one of the blog followers on Polycom, Andrea.  You’ve been listening. What did you want to say?

ANDREA:  I just want to say that I think her allegations of them are delusional.  A lot of stuff that she took down from different social network sites that were Morgan’s, there were references to the “Suicide Virgins.”  There were drugs found in a metal pill box with pills inside.  I really believe that this was a suicide, at the very least an accidental overdose, and I really think that the Ingrams need to leave Brooke and Jim alone, because there’s just no evidence.  I mean, I don’t think that somebody would’ve broken into the house, undetected, and they the dog in the house, who’s an Australian shepherd, didn’t alert.  I mean did they drug the dog, too?  It’s just crazy to even believe.

DR. PHIL:  So, you’ve followed it closely.  So it’s helpful to hear from you.  So, thank you for weighing in.  Camille is Morgan’s 19-year-old cousin, who was with Morgan just days before she died.  Here’s what she had to say.

(off set interview clip)

CAMILLE:  Morgan and I were very, very close.  She was the closest thing I had to a sister.  She just loved life.  Morgan was the happiest, healthiest person I could ever think of.  The last time I saw Morgan was a couple of weeks before she died.  My aunt came in and mentioned that Morgan had been stalked in the past couple of months.  Morgan didn’t want to talk about the stalking to me.  I honestly think it was because she was terrified.  That was the last time I saw Morgan alive.  I genuinely believe that she was murdered, but it’s hard to say exactly what happened when no one was there and no one will acknowledge the evidence.  I believe that my aunt would not accuse Brooke unjustly if she did not have facts that proved that Brooke had broken into Morgan’s room the night she died.  If Morgan were alive today, she would want people to know what happened to her and who did it, and that it wasn’t suicide.

(end of off set clip)

DR. PHIL:  You do believe that Brooke is involved in this?

CAMILLE:  No one will ever know what happened in that room that night, but what I do know is that she didn’t kill herself, that Morgan was not a suicidal person.  She was not a drug abuser.  She didn’t really use recreational drugs whatsoever.  And I – all we want is justice.

DR. PHIL:  All right.  Next, he’s investigated the JonBenet Ramsey mystery and the Columbine mass murder.  The president of the Colorado Coroner’s Association has scrutinized the details surrounding the death of Morgan and he’ll reveal his findings next.


(commercial break)


DR. PHIL:  Dr. Michael Doberson is the president of the Colorado Coroner’s Association and consulted on the Columbine mass murder and JonBenet Ramsey cases.  Now, Toni and Steve contacted Dr. Doberson, who reviewed Morgan’s death at their request, and he joins us now on the phone.  Dr Doberson, thanks for joining us.  You say that this case was not handled properly, given the fact that there was a history of stalking.  What would’ve been done differently?

DR. DOBERSON:  It really does look like the system kind of failed here.  Initially, this was ruled as a natural death, and it was only after prompting by the family that they took another look at it through the coroner’s office and eventually ruled that her death was a suicide.  My only problem with that is that there really isn’t any evidence that indicates that she was in any way suicidal.

DR. PHIL:  And you don’t see anything that you would be able to suggest that this is a homicide at this – at this time, correct?

DR. DOBERSON:  I could not arrive at the determination that this was a homicide.

DR. PHIL:  And you don’t see anything that would point specifically to Brooke or her father or her ex-boyfriend, Keenan, specifically as suspects in this case, is that correct?

DR. DOBERSON:  That would be correct.

DR. PHIL:  Doctor, I know you’re on a very busy schedule.  Thank you so much.  We really appreciate it.

DR. DOBERSON:  You’re welcome.

DR. PHIL:  Thank you.  There are 3 things that I know for sure in this case.  Number one is that I could not be more sorry for y’all’s loss.

TONI:  I appreciate it.

DR. PHIL:  I just – number 2, I most definitely support that an investigation be reopened here, and I support that and hope that they do that.

TONI:  We do – we do, too.

DR. PHIL:  And number 3:  There is absolutely no basis whatsoever for accusing this young woman of murdering your daughter.  I don’t think it’s fair to you, and I don’t think it’s fair you (speaking to Brooke and Jim).  I think singling these people out and accusing them of murdering your daughter is unfounded.

TONI:  On the blog, I haven’t done that yet.

DR. PHIL:  Well, you’ve certainly done it here.

TONI:  I’ve done it here.

DR. PHIL:  And I hope you would –

TONI:  I’ve done it here (addressing Brooke) and I don’t know why on Facebook you talk to your girlfriend the night before Morgan was killed and said, “I don’t think I can go through with this.”  And she said. “Me either.”  And then the night that she was killed, your girlfriend said, “Woo-whee” in the middle of the night, “I’m going to make all this money” after her jewelry disappears.  And then the comment about the Slinky and pushing somebody down the stairs and getting rid of someone, and all these things that I have in black and white.

DR. PHIL:  OK.  We have to take a – we have to take a break.  I’ve got –

BROOKE:  And that’s not talking my Facebook?

TONI:  No, it’s not.  I was sent that.

DR. PHIL:  OK, I’ve got –

TONI:  I know (unintelligible).

DR. PHIL:  It pays to be a double wide (as he stands between Toni and Brooke). The most important thing I’ve had to say all day when we come back.


(commercial break)


DR. PHIL:  Well, I appreciate everyone’s attention today.  It’s always very, very difficult to talk about a story like this that’s impacted y’all’s family in such a tragic way, and our hearts go out to y’all.

TONI:  Thank you.

DR. PHIL:  If I were you, I would shut that blog down.  I wouldn’t continue that.  That’s just my advice to you personally from my point of view.

TONI:  Right.

DR. PHIL:  And I say that telling you I support you getting this investigation reopened.  I do that.  I think you’re entitled to that.  I think you are entitled to a search for justice in this matter.  The biggest injustice here would be if you didn’t close the loop in your relationship with Morgan.  You’ve got to give yourself permission to grieve.  You’ve got to give yourself permission to allow yourself to hurt and cry and reminisce and celebrate.  You’ve got to be so proud of the daughter you raised.  What a wonderful young woman she was.  Prayers to both of your families and wish you both the best.  So, we’ll see you next time.  Thank you so much.  So long.  Thanks so much.  Appreciate it.

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