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October 10, 2012 by truthformorgan

Welcome Readers! As more evidence, reports, and facts become available, they will be posted on the blog. Please subscribe and/or check back!

Question: Why are the actual police reports not posted?
Answer: The reason the actual police reports that Truth for Morgan has acquired are not posted is because the information contained is considered “CONFIDENTIAL” and contains information that is sensitive in nature. The authors of Truth for Morgan have taken great care to ensure no innocent parties’ sensitive information such as dates of birth and addresses have been posted. Please note that if you would like to view the police reports, they are available by request for a fee via Garfield County. They are public record and anyone may request copies, however they are not intended for public distribution without careful consideration of the individuals named therein.

Toni Ingram has started a blog cataloging the alleged daily harassment and stalking of her daughter, Morgan Ingram, who died of amitriptyline intoxication in December 2011.

This blogs serves as a place for you to see the reports surrounding Morgan’s tragic death. Read her blog (make sure to read the comments, they contain a lot of information) and then read the reports. Come to your own conclusion.

Toni Ingram’s blog can be found here:



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